I Probably Won’t Remember…

I’ve had several people ask me to email them when something new goes up on the blog….but I often find myself standing in our garage trying to remember why I even went out there…yesterday I searched for the phone for several minutes before I realized it was wedged between my ear and my shoulder.

Chances are–I honestly won’t remember… or right about when I was going to remember….someone will decide to flush a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle down the toilet….which is what happened yesterday (along with a permanent-marker-graffiti-spree, a cassette-tape-unraveling-streamers-party, and the further authentication of my favorite, antique stained glass window…which now has a few extra cracks in the glass).

I also am not pretending to understand how any of these options work or what exactly happens if you do them, but right now the “plan” seems to be working, so I’m going to avoid pushing any buttons in my settings section unless I’m sure I know what they do. 

So–if you would like to know about updated content (and I don’t pretend to claim it’s going to be know-worthy)–there are several options:

#1) You can “Follow” the blog by clicking on that button and signing up.  But I’ve done that with several of my favorite blogs and nothing happens unless I am in Blogger and somehow find myself on a specific page that shows all the most recent updates of the blogs I enjoy.

#2) You can “Subscribe by Email”.  If this actually works….it means that one time per day (which right now is set for around 5-7am because I haven’t figured out how to change it yet) you will receive an email from some nice person somewhere in a place called Feedburner– only if I actually got around to posting something that day.  If you choose this option, you will receive a verification email and you have to click on it to “verify” that you actually want to read these ramblings, or else it won’t work.  Right now I think this is the option I best understand.

#3)  You can also “Subscribe in a Reader” further down the page–and I have no clue how this differs from “Following”…

There are a few of you who were getting updates every time I posted (when I was writing once every 3 months), but my plan is to find that setting sections and remove those addresses tonight so that you won’t be getting notifications if I post and then edit and then post and then edit and then post and then find another mistake.  I’m not sure if that is exactly what happens….but I don’t like the possibility….considering all the mistakes that I only find after I push the “publish” button. 

Anyway–I hope this is helpful to someone at least…and maybe someone else who understands the world of blogging better than I do has a better option????

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  1. I got my first notice today of an update to your blog. Yay- it’s working.
    You had quite the day. Are things always this exciting at the Chupp home?

  2. Hurray! It’s actually working !!! Well, it was a school day, so only 1/4 were home….but that 1 has a BIG personality and is VERY busy and FAST :)

  3. I subscribe in a feedreader. It’s a super-easy way to keep up if you read several blogs, but I suppose if you only read one or two you really wouldn’t need it.
    But you posted 3 times today! Wow.

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