One Reason I Love Our University Model School….Firefighters

Lydia wouldn’t leave her new friend…

 Today was just one reason I love our University Model School…

Our kiddos attend school Monday, Wednesday, Friday and then we homeschool on Tuesday and Thursdays.  The whole school does this….

So–seeing as we had the day off yesterday for President’s Day–we decided to finish Tuesday’s work on Monday so we could take a firestation field trip today!!!
My friend Becky set it all up (thanks Becks) and this morning we set off for one of the busiest firestations in all of Portland….Station #13 where our friend Fireman Scott is a firefighter.
On the way there, I listened to a car load of eight-year-olds read each other “Would You Rather Questions” (which–by the way–is a great book for car rides and interesting discussions).  I did have to curtail the edible questions though when 2 out of the 4 mentioned feeling a little queasy and I’m still not sure if I’d rather eat “10 live caterpillars or 4 dead tarantulas”.  It’s also up in the air as far as either being “able to talk with animals or understand all languages.”

We made it to the firestation and I was quickly reminded of how much I enjoy these trips and how thankful I am for firefighters.

A few interesting facts about firefighters and fighting fires:

~The first known U.S. Fire Department was established in 1648.
~In 1736, Benjamin Franklin organized the first group of volunteer firefighters.
~Fire alarms started with the invention of the telegraph.
~ In the U.S. about 70% of all emergency medical calls are handled by firefighters.
~Temperatures within a burning building may exceed 1500 degrees F.
~Some severe forest fires have required more than 10,000 firefighters to work together at the same time.
~Fire engines can carry around 500 gallons of water.
~Typical fire engines can pump 1500 gallons per minute.
~Large fire engines carry up to 1000 feet of hose.
~There are between 2 and 3 million fires in the U.S. each year.
~Not all fire engines are red and not all fire stations have a Dalmatian (though I wish they did).
~Smokey the Bear was named after an actual bear cub that was rescued in a 1950 forest fire.

Most importantly…as we interacted with all the wonderful firefighters at Station #13…
It was just a good reminder that they are real people, with real families who head out at the sound of a VERY loud alarm to protect other real people, with real families in our city.
It made me very thankful!
Some fun photos from the visit:

Seeing where they “have to do their own laundry!!!”

Checking Colson’s vitals…

Learning about the fire engines

They liked the “Darth Vader” mask demonstration


Promising not to play with fire….and to clean up their rooms


We thought for sure she’d be nervous….but Lydi really liked the “my-mer-man”

With much thanks to the firefighters at Station #13

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  1. I’m really glad it worked out. The kids had so much fun and are currently cracking up at the comic book they gave the kids… (check out the girl with braces!) haha.

  2. Thanks again Becks…hope the photos went through…

  3. Kara…the guys loved having your kids today. They all commented how “exremely well-behaved” the children were. Of course, the cookies were a huge hit as well! Loved your post. :) I even learned a few facts. Take care.

  4. Lisa–please give them ALL our thanks…at dinner Lydia kept saying “my-mer-man” :)

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