Dinner Conversations–for Mrs. L.

C:  My teacher gave me a chair next to my desk for Charlie.
Me:  Charlie who?
C:  My friend Charlie.
Me: You don’t have a kid in your class named Charlie.
C: Yeah…he’s my imaginary friend.
(I love Cavan’s teacher)

C: (after the whole class weighed themselves and measured their heights)…I asked Mrs. L. if she was going to weigh herself.
Me: Really?  What did she say?
C: She said…”um…no…not today.”
Me:  Oh.
C: Then I asked her if it was because old people think they weigh too much.

…And she still likes my kid.

(Again..I love Cavan’s teacher)

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  1. LOL, oh my…

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  3. Oh, too funny, Kara!


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