Faith That Walks

Was it their faith–or the marching
That crumbled those walls of Jericho?
Walking faith that moves.
Shout, for the Lord has given you the city.

Was it his faith–or the altar building
That brought Abraham’s thicket ram?
Painful faith that trusts.
On the mount of the Lord it shall be provided.

Was it their faith–or the hidden baby
That saved Moses to lead God’s people?
Brimming reed-basket of faith.
I have come down to deliver them.

Was it their faith–or the Red Sea steps
That drove back those walls of water?
Believing footprints of faith.
For the Lord fights for them.

Was it her faith–or the red rope dangling
That spared Rahab and her family?
Scarlet streaming faith.
And she has lived in Israel to this day.

Faith without works–
Is dead.
A diseased fruitless tree.
And the fig tree withered at once.

Not deeds–
That justify.
For only Grace redeems.

But in all this…
A faith that does.
A faith that acts.
A faith that abides.
A faith that cries out:

I believe; help my unbelief.

And so–
I will reach for the fringe of His garment.
With grasping faith.
Trusting in
The giver of Faith.

Help me to
My faith.
Clinging to
The One
Who is faithful.

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  1. Hi Kara,
    Did you write this beautiful poem? My favorite line is “I believe;help my unbelief.” Thank you for sharing this beautiful post on NOBH! I spent some time on your blog looking through older posts. You have a beautiful family! I read a little about the loss of your sweet little girl and the adoption of your newest daughter. Through all the sufferings and joys, you are setting a wonderful example to your children and the world that life is precious no matter what! God bless and I’m now following your blog! Hope to see more of your posts on NOBH!

  2. Your poetry is beautiful. It well illustrates that faith without works is dead. We must all act on our faith. Thank you for this inspiring post.

  3. Thank you Tracy…yes I wrote it…we are studying James in our small group right now and were talking about faith and works last night. But the “quote” are all from Scripture :) Thanks for taking the time to wander our blog a bit and for the kind words about our little ones….

  4. Amen!! I love this!

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  6. Thank you so much Patti…will come visit your blog this evening when the crew is all in bed :)

  7. Thank you Jessica. I thought about you in my “46 days of blogging post”…you have been an inspiration. I really mean that. Your sharing honors God.

  8. Kara,
    This is really beautiful!! “Not deeds that justify–for only grace redeems.” Yes, LORD, help us have a faith that does and acts and abides and cries out.

  9. Thank you Trisha…thought about your crew tonight…eating icecream :)

  10. Really beautiful, Kara.

  11. Love your poem, Kara. You did a great job reconciling two Bible truths that can sometimes seem at odds.

    Love ya!

  12. found you on the weekend blog hop-
    please follow back.

  13. This is a beautiful poem! Following you from the weekend blog hop!

  14. following from blog hop – my blog is at

  15. Beautiful poem Kara! I am enjoying your writing. Sorry I haven’t visited as much lately, but I am trying to make up for my absence. You have a gift and I am so happy you are sharing it. God bless you! Thank you for sharing it at NOBH. =)

  16. Love this post, Kara! I’m so glad I stopped in and received such beautiful encouragement. Blessings!

  17. Lynda–don’t know how you even have time to encourage as much as you do…thank you!

  18. Thank you Renee :)

  19. Hey there! I am your newest follower from the weekend blog hop (I am one of the hosts!)!! I am trying to play catch up on all the people to follow! What a wonderful blog! I am also a christian and just love seeing other people out there like me! Thank you for posting!! :)
    Anyway just wanted to stop by and say hi. I have three blogs I hope you will follow back! hopping one)

  20. Beautiful poem – I absolutely love it!

    Thank you for joining us for the Finding New Friends Weekend Blog Hop. I’m now following you! Please remember to join us again next Friday to find great new blogs and make new bloggy friends!


  21. Thanks Jeannette

  22. Such a big amen to this. It is so much more than just saying the words. I’m studying through James right now on my blog – and this verse is coming up. It’s not just James that says faith without works is dead – Paul does too – and Our Lord Jesus REALLY does. But this is a touchy subject to write about. You’re brave :) I really enjoyed reading this. Thank you.

    God Bless and keep you and your family

  23. Beautiful poem. I wish that I would remember to walk by faith every day – it makes all the difference!
    I’m blogging to encourage moms from a Biblical perspective. I hope my blogs will help moms at those everyday crossroads, when we must chose between our active faith and being bowled over by life’s urgent demands.
    God bless,

  24. Thanks Craig…I just accidentally deleted my reponse to you…AHHH! Anyway–the point of it was…very much agree with what you wrote. We’re in James with our Home Bible Study on Wednesday nights and my husband is preparing for moving into Chapter 3 next week. I’ll mention your verse by verse study to him. We actually spent a good chunk of Wednesday night talking about how Paul and Jame do not contradict each other.

  25. Thanks Lisa…I appreciate what you wrote…that it’s those “everyday crossroads”…

  26. I am your newest follower from the weekend blog hop
    Looking forward to following your blog.


  27. Good poem.

  28. Beautiful! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.

  29. That’s so beautiful! I’m following from the Blog Hop. Come visit me back!

    Michelle @ Things Sent My Way

  30. Thanks Michelle… :)

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    Thank You and Many Blessings to you and yours,
    Connie C

  32. Oh, friend. I am grasping the hem with you…holding on with white knuckles. Even faith the size of a mustard sees can move mountains. Why do I not exercise my faith muscles more? Such a beautiful poem. Thank you for joining me at Playdates!

  33. Thank you Laura…you are always such an encouragement to me.

  34. loved the post and the poem was awesome. Thanks for sharing some great thoughts through poetry.
    Check out my blog sometime: Living Waters

  35. Thanks Roger and LeAnn…I will stop by :)

  36. Hi Kara, that is a beautiful thought provoking poem. I love the part about “Faith without works is dead.” This is such an important message during Lent as we grow in our knowledge of the Lord and deepen our faith. God bless!

  37. Hello, I am now following your blog! It is beautiful. I pray that you would follow me back.

  38. just found you on a blog hop…love what you are doing here…I am now a follower…please take time to take a peek at my new blog….may blessings pour upon you and yours…know that i will be reading and smiling….be well.


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