Friday Freecycle Day #2

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For the background to this post…please see Friday Freecycle Day #1 .

Just a quick reminder of how this works:

#1) Leave me a comment with which item or items you are interested in.

#2) Check back on Sunday for an announcement of the “winners”.

#3)  If you are a winner, email me with your address…or if you are local…the best way to get the item to you.

#4) If you don’t win this week…come back next Friday…because I’m still cleaning out closets and bookshelves.

#5)  Know that I very much appreciate your willingness to help us declutter by taking our extra stuff  :)

This week’s items:

Amazon Link

The Picture That!  Bible Storybook written by Tracy Harrast is one of our favorites, but we just have too many copies of this same book.  Great for ages 4-8…maybe even younger.

See here if you want to… “Meet the Rizers”

The Meet the Rizers audio CD is really fun and The Rizers gave me such a good deal when I bought in bulk that I’m offering this as a promo for their band.  Fun music for kiddos ages little to 8-ish …”a band that sings Scripture verses in the form of upbeat, kid-friendly music”.

Amazon Link
Amazon Link
Confessions of a Reformission Rev. and The Radical Reformission are both by Mark Driscoll and I’m not sure why we have 3 copies of each of these books.  They are both really good, but we don’t need three copies on our bookshelves.  These two go as a “package deal”…
Happy Freecycle Friday !!!  Come back next Friday for more Freecycle items…
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  • Sandrakate

    I’d love the Meet the Rizers CD! Thank you so much.

  • Cheryl

    Wahoo! This is fun! I have been scouring our house to do the same thing. Seriously – a great idea.

    If I win, I would like the Bible Storybook.


  • taftms

    We, too, would love the Rizer’s CD. D&S would love it!! :)
    Hugs, Stacee

  • planetnomad

    I’m up for Marc Driscoll’s books. Any or either.

  • Kara

    I’m late announcing the winners…sorry about that.
    Winners of this week’s Freecycle:
    Cheryl–the Bible Storybook
    Planetnomad–the Driscoll collection
    taftmd–the Rizer CD.

    Be sure to send me your address so I can get your prizes to you :)