I Would Take Her Thorn

Her shoulders rise and fall as she shuffles towards me.
Backpack is dragging with more weight than usual.

A hard day at school.
She tries to smile.
Tries to say…Hi Mom
The words are choked out by a sob that snatches them

My own eyes start to sting.
My own heart starts to pound.
Pulse with pain.
For this child of mine that I love
So deeply.

This child whose hurt
I would scrub clean,
Wash clear away if I could.

I pull her near,
A little tighter.
Whisper my love,

I pray she will feel His love,
A little stronger.
That He will speak His love to her,
His perfect love.

I know He’s using these hurts to draw her to Him.
But I would take her thorn if I could.

I can thank Him for the pain that has pulled me closer.
But thank Him for her hurt?
For her tears?
I want to grab her and run–
Run her far away from all of these 10 year old heartaches.

But I know–
That He knows her.
He made her.
He loves her.
That all this helps her find her footing
In Him.

So…I will be thankful.
For the hurt that makes her more compassionate.
For the struggle that makes her more persistent.
For the pain that makes her need Him

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  1. that’s a sweet perspective kig. you are a good and loving mom. it makes my heart happy to see you raising your kids with this kind of love.

  2. I almost called you last night to ask if she was okay. My heart felt heavy for you and for her…and for the tears that will be shed by our own when she’s 10. I love your poem…and the perspective it offers.

  3. Awwww… so hard. But how perfect to have a loving mom to come to and know everything will be okay. ((((hugs))))

  4. so glad He knows what’s best. sometimes the hurt makes us better for it, although that’s hardly any comfort at the time

  5. Thanks so much for all the encouragement…
    AM–so thankful you “get it”…one of the reasons Sunshine is so special to me.

  6. Beautiful!

  7. This is Sarah H. from Meditations of His. I just wanted to welcome you to our Bible Challenge.

  8. Oh! My mommy-heart just breaks reading this. I’m so sorry for the difficulties your little one is up against. Praying for her and you in this. Life is so hard sometimes. So thankful for grace.

    Thanks for stopping by the Wellspring. I think you are very right in something you said. It has made a difference to my boys to feel they are able to pray, yes. We are also checking into other ways to help and this seems to be easing that sense of helplessness.

    BTW–you have some amazing hatched critters! Oh, my goodness.

  9. Sweet, sweet thoughts! It is so much harder to watch our children suffer and struggle than for us to go through it ourselves. It always cuts me to the heart as I remember that the Father went through this with HIS Son…and for me! I gasp as I think of it!

    I have always tried (not always succeeded) to rest in His sovereignty – knowing that the path He takes my children on may be rougher than I would have chosen but that the riches of Truth, Faith and Hope that He is teaching them is worth the trials and sorrows along the way.

    Sometimes I have to reign my Momma Bear heart in and rest in His goodness.

    Thanks again!

  10. “I can thank Him for the pain that has pulled me closer.
    But thank Him for her hurt?
    For her tears?”…oh yes, and isn’t this just the most difficult for we would gladly take their thorns, bear their pain…

    and yet, He already has…wise you are to let GOD do what only He can do…

  11. What a beautiful and heart wrenching poem! I have a 10 year old daughter so this poem definitely spoke to my heart! Thank you for sharing on NOBH! I hope your child has brighter days soon! :)

  12. It is so heartbreaking when our kids have a bad day at school… I wish we had the power to make every day a good one.

  13. oh, this made my eyes brim. such a hard lesson, but so true. God meets us in the suffering and comforts our hearts. i’m not ready to see that heartache in my little ones eyes, yet!

  14. Thank you to all you mommies who understand…it’s so hard when they are hurting…but I trust His love for them.
    I really do.
    But I know you know…
    It’s still hard.

  15. Beautiful, I know it’s hard, crazy hard!

  16. Wonderfully written! Oh, to be able to know just what to do or say to ease their pain!

  17. Thanks Heather…it is so hard to see your kiddo hurting…but I know God is there in the midst of it all.

  18. It is so hard when they hurt. It makes me think of the pain, Mary, Jesus’ mother must have felt as she stood by and listened to the crowds yell, “Crucify Him!”

  19. My daughter just had one of those days at school and I didn’t want to send her in the next day. Hope he had a better day.I am a new follower from the blog hop and I look forward to following your blog!…Hope u can come by for a visit! http://adventuresatgreenacre.blogspot.com

  20. WOW love the poem. I am following from The Adventures….. blog hop.

    Please stop by http://lionessrebirthorg.blogspot.com/

  21. Such a heart-felt poem. I have been there myself, especially with my oldest daughter who was brain injured in a car accident when she was just 4 years old. She’s 18 now. It has always been hard on me to hear of her being left out, made fun of. Kids can be so cruel to children with disabilities. Things have been much better for her, now that she is older.

    visiting from the blog hop! new follower to your blog:)


  22. Newest follower! From the hop! I love love love your words! I am happy to find you!

    Saving Your Green

  23. I love this. You speak directly into my “mommy heart”. Love, love, love. May God bless you richly as you serve Him!


  24. It doesn’t matter if your daughter is 10, or 25, or 30 or 32, mom’s still
    hurt, when their daughters hurt, but can I be thankful for her hurt,
    struggle and pain?


  1. […] are willing to press on through hard things. For what an incredible big sister you are. For how the heartaches that you’ve experienced have made you more compassionate and willing to look out for others. […]

  2. […] Your patience and encouragement has been incredible.  I thank God for you on a daily basis. *My heart for our child–I Would Take Her Thorn *Friends who “get it” and can walk the journey alongside […]

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