L.H.O.T.P. Night

For Christmas…2009…my husband bought me this.

And so began our tradition of watching an episode of Little House on the Prairie every Thursday night.
We pull out the trays, have a picnic on the floor and somewhere along the way,
the kids renamed it:   “LHOTP night”

Because that’s oh-so-much-easier-to-say???

This morning, one of the first things they mentioned at breakfast was:

“Tonight is LHOTP night!!!”

And like them–I look forward to that time every week.

For me–it brings back so many memories of watching the same series as a child.
For them–it’s all new–and they love it.

Now mind you–we are pretty stingy with our television viewing…so I’m not sure they’d actually care what we were watching.  But they’ll join us in endearing acceptance of Mr. Edwards. They cringe when Laura gets herself into trouble. And they’re all shouting with whole-hearted approval when “mean old Nellie Olson” gets what’s coming to her.

Colson figured out that if we watch one episode a week, we’ll finish the whole series “by the time (he) gets married”. 

But we double up on some weeks because I’m just as bad as they are– and will join the kids in trying to convince Jason that we have time for “just one more”.

Buying the whole series at once is quite spendy, but considering we purchased weekly-entertainment-bonding-times for the next decade…feels very worth it.  You can also find smaller sets if you want to just give it a try.

I love seeing how involved the kids get and they would all tell ya that I cry in pretty much every episode.  The first few times, they were probably watching me more than the show…but they’re past that now…

In all honesty–this series has prompted some incredibly deep conversations with the kids…
About poverty, death, taxes, hard work, drinking, race, pride, family, courage, sacrifice, friendship, stealing, danger, temptation, wisdom, drug use, lying, birth, faith…
And almost every week…about God.

It’s not perfectly biblical by any means (and we’re only a few seasons into the set)…but so far it has been very worth the time spent.

Some close friends of ours are about a season behind us and it’s fun to know we’re working our way through the series together.  We’ve also loaned sections out to a few other families…that might be a great option too if a couple families wanted to purchase the set together.

Just thought I’d share, because it might be something your family would enjoy too?
And now you know what our crew will be doing tonight around 6:30pm.

The scene below is from the episode where Nellie lies about her legs being paralyzed and Laura feels guilty because her horse caused the accident.  Nellie of course, capitalizes on Laura’s guilt until Laura figures out Nellie has been lying the whole time. 

Our boys watched the following scene about 12 times:

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  1. The kids will enjoy looking back this blog post someday :)

  2. I was trying to find the photos when your crew joined us…all of them staring blankly at the tv… eating what is clearly McDonalds…Nice.

  3. LOL I just got season 1 disc 1 of LHOTP from netflix. We’re doing our night tonight… on the floor, and breaking out our real kerosene lanterns to watch a show, then play a board game with no electricity for the rest of the night.

    I’m hoping for no explosions while Corey and I figure out how to use the lanterns and for no house fires big or small.

    (It’s my practice for when everything in our world goes down the drain and we have to live off the grid, with our tinfoil hats… well, okay, maybe without the hats. yet.)

  4. We watched a Yellowstone Earth movie last night because we ran out of our borrowed episodes…u-hum…it was beautiful….but not the same. I missed Pa and Ma for sure!!! It also is putting us further behind ( a fact which Colson will appreciate =).

  5. Yeah…you’re going to be watching it with your grandkids at the rate you’re going :)
    I’ll bring some new ones to school!

  6. I remember watching LHOTP at 4 and 5pm growing up. I always hoped we’d get to see the episodes where Laura meets Almonzo…and then when Nellie gets married (my favorite!!) Can’t wait until my boys are old enough! (Although I doubt they’ll like all the romantic episodes…)

  7. All time BEST episode: “The Richest Man in Walnut Grove.” :)


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  2. […] is the last L.H.O.T.P. night. We started watching four or five years ago, when my husband bought me the boxed set for Christmas. […]

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