New Baby Stick Bugs…

Our stick bug saga has been ongoing. 
We were down to 1 last year…
And then found babies– which you can read about in last year’s post

At first that was pretty exciting, but then we kept finding more and more and MORE babies….
Until we hit our max at 187–

We would count each week to make sure we didn’t throw any away when giving them new leaves.

They started to feel like an extra child with the amount of time we were spending cleaning out their cages & hunting for berry vines.

We gave several dozen away.

I even considered passing them out as party favors for our son’s birthday party.
But they can’t be released into the wild, so that felt a bit irresponsible.
I’m not going to share the details, but after an “artificially induced winter” we were down to a much more reasonable number. 

Then slowly they began to die.  I’m assuming from old age.

Almost right on the 1 year mark.
So as of last week–we only had two large adult stick bugs left.

It makes no sense. 
But I was getting a bit worried.
We have one child who loves bugs in a way that I’ve never seen a child love bugs before.

But this morning…

New babies!!!

Two tiny babies appeared…and even with the headache that I know may be just around the corner…
They are super cute and we are all thrilled!
(and thankful)

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  1. Congratulations! Haha. Thanks for not sending them home in goodie bags!

  2. That’s so fun!

  3. Found another one this morning…oh dear….we could be looking at a repeat performance.
    Anne-Marie…want to try again?

  4. Up to 7 this morning.

  5. Anonymous says:

    wow!! I was going to keep one last year. This looks like fun! jan

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