Remembering the Stones

As we’re nearing Easter…I keep thinking about the–

stone rolled away…

which also reminds me of our family’s

Jordan River Stones.

If you’ve ever considered starting this tradition of remembrance with your own family, this week or the week following Easter might be a meaningful time to begin.

For more information about Jordan River Stones see this previous post.

“Let this hearing stone be witness,
This house will serve the Lord.

Let this stone-away be witness,
His work of love complete.

Sin debt, nailed on His cross-
It is finished, how great the cost.”

*Happily submitting to: A Wise WomanHouse of Belonging, and Raising Homemakers.

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  1. Yes, Kara, I love this! We have an Ebenezer box that we use and then read over on Thanksgiving Day!

  2. Kara, I love that you guys so this!!! We actually have a very similar “stone” collection in our house and you guys are actually one of our stones… When people ask about yours, we get to share your Selah’s story and how it lead us to our Selah’s name and your story has helps us in our clarity about adoption! Happy Easter!

  3. The Other Nut and I have a stone to remember how God restored our marriage. I’m actually working on a post about our stone. I love the idea about having more Jordan River Stones. I think we might start that tradition-thanks for the idea and post.

  4. Thank you for this beautiful reminder. A wonderful idea to start at this special season. God bless you, Kara, and your family.

  5. Trisha–I need to head your way and message you…what’s an Ebenezer box?

    Hi Lexi–every time I hear about your Selah–it just means a lot to me. She’ll always have a special place in my heart. I need to find your blog :)

    “Ima”–I love knowing the story behind your stone. “The God who redeems and restores”

    Lynda–thank you. Your words are always a blessing…

  6. I have thought of Jordan stones so much over the last months. I’ve been reading lots of Joshua and the Isrealites crossing over and all of the prep. This is a beautiful way to remember His answers…love it! So happy you shared this today:) Praying you a joy filled Easter!

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