This Made Me Smile…

“…and he shall write for himself in a book a copy of this law.”
~Deuteronomy 17:18
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  1. Oh that makes me smile, too. No additional words required.

    And Kara, thank you for your very kind comment today about my friend. I so appreciate your sweet words.

  2. I love this too…I love that it is put so real and true in the learning-to-read Bible and that they’re writing it…so, so good.

    I’m glad that I got to meet you too! I’d seen your blog at circle of moms, so nice to connect further…mine is too, though I got a little conflicted about it for multiple reasons…but I have a friend still up there and I’ll be voting for you as I remember…life is insane right now (moving overseas…need to be packed for it in 6 days and then travel to overseas training…so, yes, nuts) bless you!!!!

  3. Hey, I voted for you yesterday and will get on again today. Wanting to support blogs like yours that are full of truth. There are some crazy blogs on that list.


  4. This gives me a good idea for practicing writing with my youngest. If she has to practice writing words, she might as well use words that make up verses in the bible!

  5. Beautiful!! And the Bible verse is amazing!!

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