Summer Responsibility Charts

Our Summer Responsibility Charts are up and running!

I know these could easily be created on the computer (well…easily…for some) but I’m still a paper and pen kinda girl.

We try to evaluate each summer what responsibilities we’d like our older kiddos to take on.
We try to be intentional.

And so this is the plan for this summer.
Clearly–everything must fall under Lord willing.
Clearly–one of the benefits of summer is flexibility.
Clearly–these lists are not comprehensive. 

Instead you ought to say, “If the Lord wills, we will live and do this or that.”
~James 4:15

We may be adding to them.
And we most certainly will be asking for the kiddos to join in and help in ways not included on these charts.

As usual, it’s going to mean more work for me initially as I teach or reteach how to do the tasks–
Meaning–how we would like them completed.
And then I’ll need to check for solid-best-effort-follow-through.
Because sometimes their idea of clean–
Is not the same as mine.
We’ve been trying to get rid of Halfway Herbert for a while now.
But we’ve seen the benefits of taking time to teach and train so that tasks are done well…

On the flip side–I want to be an encourager.
I want to recognize their efforts and not be a dripping faucet…always picking on the small faults, not noticing their joyful hearts to help. 
If I errlet me err on the side of lifting up–not tearing down.

A constant dripping on a day of steady rain
And a contentious woman are alike;
~Proverbs 27:15
The wise woman builds her house, But the foolish tears it down with her own hands.
~Proverbs 14:1

We haven’t opted to pay the kiddos for chores because my husband feels strongly that you do chores and have responsibilities because you’re part of the familythough we both also see the possible benefits of connecting hard work to a reward. 

We did try that system one summer though, and saw an attitude of : “How much am I going to get paid?”  start to creep in, instead of a quick response to a request for help.
So, for our family, we’ve decided that we’ll allot a monthly allowance to learn about saving and spending and giving and that will be separate from the concept of chores and family responsibilities.
But–that’s just what we’ve decided for now and for our particular family.

Laura’s chart…

Colson’s chart…

Cavan’s chart…

Yesterday and today went really well!
Praying that in all this–
our goal will remain:
Whatever you do,
work heartily,
as for the Lord
and not for men.
~Colossians 3:23

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  1. I love the idea of different charts for summer. Did you write out everything that needed to be done first? I think I might make one for my oldest as well as for myself and her Dad!

  2. Carol Anne–that’s exactly what I usually do…I list out as many jobs as I can think of and then divide them out realistically for what I think I’ll actually teach and what I think they’ll actually be able to complete in the midst of summer activity.

    I also asked my husband to help me decide who should do which jobs.

    And I tend to under-whelm so that we actually follow through. In years past, I’ve made massive lists with WAY too many detailed chores listed and then we struggle to complete the tasks.

  3. The other thing I’m hoping to get to soon…was a suggestion from a friend. For each major task, I’m going to list out the details of what it includes during this teach/reteaching period.

    For example:
    Vaccuum main floor
    –living room
    –table area
    –computer room
    –use attachment to vaccuum stairs and behind couch
    –pull chairs out to vaccuum under table
    –switch vaccuum from carpet to bare floor depending on area
    –use attachment to vaccuumm under cabinet edges in the kitchen

    etc. (because sometimes what seems “obvious” to me is not always obvious :)

  4. Love this idea, I need to work on this for mine! I also love the idea of breaking out what is expected for each job.

  5. I remember when I was raising children that I read about and tried to come up with good work plans. I loved yours. We didn’t pay our children for their routine work; but did have some chores that they could do to earn money for extra things they wanted. Enjoyed your post today.
    Blessings to you!

  6. I LOVE the charts. I’m so going to copy your idea and do the same. Hope you don’t mind. :)

  7. I need to add more chores to my kids day. Thanks for some fresh ideas:)

  8. I love idea-sharing, so if anyone comes up with a great template…or other ideas…I’d love to hear about them.

    One of our just said at lunch “when you do a little bit every day…it’s not that bad” :)

    Side note–having a laundry basket for each kiddo in the laundry room really helps (ours each have a small one labeled with their name). Makes getting them involved in sorting and put-away easier for us.

  9. Darlene…thanks so much for stopping by…you’re welcome to anything…wish I was “computerly-skilled” and could just send ya a nice document to print :)

  10. Great charts! Thanks for sharing.

  11. Fun! I’m working on my kid’s charts on Friday. They’ve been asking for their own for quite a while. They love checking stuff off… or moving it from one side the other. I need to a lot of work with the kids on proper ways of completing the tasks… First, we finish school, then learn the chores, then potty training!! :)

  12. These are great…I hope to err on the side of lifting up too! :)

  13. WOW these look fab! I only have 1 reader right now, but I will remember this for next year! THanks!

  14. So organised Kara….impressive :0…. I agree with chores being a family thing and pocket money being completely separate for learning about savings etc.

  15. Great list! It is so important to teach our kids to contribute to the household!

    Ian has a standard chore list (which he is not paid to do). But then I have a special list of things he can do to earn some spending money (like for pokemon cards). The other day he washed all of my candle holders that had gotten dusty, another day he scrubbed all of my car mats. He is told that in order to earn the money he has to do the job well enough that I won’t have to redue any of his work, that seems to encourage him to do his best, not just get it done to get the money. So now if there is something “extra” that he wants to buy, instead of asking me to but it for him, he’ll ask “how can I earn some money to buy that”?

  16. We kinda do the same thing Jeanette…have some optional, bigger jobs…that we will pay $ for. But if he likes Pokeman cards…you could go with the Wachsmuth’s method…they pay IN Pokemon cards :) Andrew buys them cheap of ebay and that is their current currency :)

  17. I love your charts! I don’t know if you are familiar with Dave Ramsey (author of Financial Peace), but he has a great system for kids. There are certain chores the kids do just because they are part of the family then there are extra chores that they can earn “commission” for. This teaches they don’t just get money for no reason, they still have to earn it. Then they have three envelopes or piggy banks labeled “give” “save” and “spend”. We’ve just started this with our 4 year old and he loves getting to divide his earnings (and bithday money) into the banks!

  18. If you’re interested in an updated/printable chart…you can find it here–


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