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  • grace

    hi kara haven’t read your blog but responding to your comment on school wounds I had dislexier (whatever) and school was hell I was a prolific reader reading from audio memery and language patterns I could read in context but not out aloud as words didn’t look like they did for eveyone else. How I got to this stage was being read to aloud constantly from early childhood and the same books repeatedly so you begin to get an audio pattern in the brain and you start predicting the next word or rest of sentence you will be right more than 50% more if your brain is good at paterns (i.e. jigsaws etc.)I was read everything from basic kinda books through to beautiful stories and poetry I have a gift that was developed through this of hearing the rythms and patterns in language please try this with your daughter and get some stories that she will love and after shes heard them 100 times she should start to try and read them (remember you CAN train the brain and make new pathways you just have to find what works for you. The other thing that happened for me was I became a christain and God started healing my brain now I can even read aloud I still reverse stuff and have made up some amazing words but in my family we all just laugh (a lot different from being laughed at and belittled at school)I can write fairly well but spelling can be a problem all the best and tell your daughter to remember you don’t only ‘see’ the words differently but life as well which gives you valuable imput to society and I am very good at working through life problems finding another way if something is not working just as I had to find another word that maybe I could write to say what I wanted to god bless

  • grace

    kara 100 just means lots and lots and lots make it fun and start easy dr seuss etc go to to library to the junior picture books choose some great ones even three words a page remember you are training the brain; not trying to learn to read training the brain in audio pattern of language later you train the brain to assosiate the printed word with the sound but at first NO trying to read you want to be relaxed have fun and let the brain follow the sounds of the language (i can do this with other languages after hearing them for a while I know the sounds they will make in which pattern I have no idea what they are saying but my brain follows the patttern) if you understand what I’m saying you’ll understand that when I’m reading my brain already can predict what will come next most of the time which helps me have a good chance of reading the word and if I can’t get all of them because understand the pattern I can guess nearly always the right thing -so reading for context not perfect every word but isn’t context really what matters get great books on tape develope the brains knowledge of language lots and lots grace

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/18107717294803352571 LeAnn

    I love following your blog!
    Have a wonderful 4th of July!
    Blessings to you!

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/13182607074543277164 Kara

    LeAnn..you are always so kind and encouraging…thank you so much!

    Grace–just checking back in…we’ve been gone for a few days and I stayed pretty much “unplugged”…but thank you for all of your thoughts. Thankfully–we’ve found lots of help for our Laura and she’s doing well in school and with reading…and she is probably the one of all our crew that loves reading the most…strange as that might seem…but I’m so thankful.
    I smiled when I read your comments (and also my heart ached) because I could relate to so much in what you wrote…even down to the ability with puzzles. Laura is AMAZING when it comes to puzzles :) I’m so thankful you had someone who read to you and invested in your love for reading and learning that way. If you come back by and visit…I wrote a post about dyslexia and our kiddo that is listed under the “favorite posts” heading. I just want you to know how VERY much I appreciate that you stopped by to comment and share. It meant a lot to me…thank you, Kara