Our Passion Child

Last night…
My husband and I were sitting on the couch talking.
The kids were in bed.
 And then our youngest son came down and said:

“I didn’t know you had a passion child…”

Before I continue, let me just say–
(lest some strange rumor go viral)

There is no passion child.
This is not my way of announcing some newly discovered offspring that we didn’t previously know about.

We both paused and looked at him with confused expressions.

He continued:

“You know…your passion child. 
That one on the wall in the hallway.”

We quickly realized that he was talking about Yulisa.
He meant Compassion Child…though she was actually sponsored through World Vision.
It was interesting to me that in his seven years of life, this was the first time he’d noticed her photo collage.  Our older kiddos knew about Yulisa, but he was pretty young when our sponsorship ended.

I was actually just thinking about Yulisa yesterday–
after reading Elizabeth Esther’s recent post about her trip to Bolivia with World Vision.
That’s where Yulisa was from.
La Paz, Bolivia.

Jason and I were newly married in 1997.
Yulisa was born in May of that same year.
We were just out of college
and maybe because we didn’t have any
children of our own yet,
we felt an extra special connection to her.

For the first few years,
we received letters from her aunt…
and then letters from her mom.

And then eventually Yulisa was old enough to write us letters herself.
We still keep several of the pictures she drew us in her wall display.

Over the years,
we heard about her physical growth,
her spiritual growth,
her school experiences,
her family’s changes,
and what World Vision was doing to help within her community.

When Yulisa was ten years old,
her family no longer needed the
assistance of World Vision.

On our end,
there was sadness,
but deep down….
we were thankful.

Still–I’ve looked for her over the years.
Even contacted World Vision a few times hoping to locate her.

She just turned 14 on May 25th.
Her birthday is still on our calendar.

Our relationship with Yulisa opened our eyes to needs around the world.
Our relationship with Yulisa reminded us to pray for Christians around the world.
Our relationship with Yulisa was one small thing we could do to reach out and help.

Even if just in–
One community.
One family.
One life.

And our relationship with Yulisa was a gift to us.
We were moved and changed and encouraged and blessed through the ten years of connection.

After looking back through all of her letters and photos this morning, I’m wanting our children to experience that too. 
We want them to be aware of needs. 
We want them to see how God’s Word can impact lives around the world.
We want them to have a heart for others and to follow that with real-life action.

I’ve clicked on the links many times, but have failed to follow through.
But after last night’s conversation,
I think it’s time for our family to sponsor another Passion Child.

If you’re interested in joining us, you can find the link for Compassion International here and the link for World Vision here.

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