Eternity Amnesia

I often lived as an eternity amnesiac.
I, too, often lived with the unrealistic expectations
and functional hopelessness
that always results when you tell yourself that this life you have
right here, right now,
is all there is…
This present life is not all there is.
There is a forever on the other side of this life.
Eternity is not a mystical creation of overly spiritual people.
Forever is a reality…
Living in this present world
is designed by God to produce three things in me–
longing, readiness, and hope.
~ Forever by Paul David Tripp (pgs. 12, 13, 14, & 35)
And this is why…
I shared a bit ago, that–

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  • tinuviel

    Amen. Wise words.

  • Stefanie Di Lella

    I’m so thankful this life isn’t all there is!

    • Kara @ The Chuppies

      Me too…so thankful!

  • Lisa

    Praise God that this is not all there is! What a precious gift we have to look forward to! :-)

    Many blessings,

  • Muthering Heights

    That’s a lovely poem!

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