I’m Back On Board

which is good. 

Because it has been a while since I jumped ship.

Memorizing Scripture is something we value–
We know it is commanded.
We know how much it helps.
We know how often God calls to mind a particular passage at a much needed moment.

When the kids were all really little we memorized most of the Foundation Verses
76 key verses.
One per week. 

The whole family focused on memorizing the same verse.
Not for quick recitation.
Not for momentary recall.
We had time to really let those verses sink in.

I still remember many of the verses–
They stuck.
I truly remember them.

And I also remember–
When we jumped ship.
And stopped memorizing God’s Word together as a family.

I happened when the older kids started school and each had a different weekly verse for every different grade level, and also a different verse for each different Sunday School class, and also a different verse for Junior Church, and also a different verse for the Wednesday night Bible Club and also a different verse for the verses we knew God wanted us to memorize as a family.
And I had verses.
And my husband had verses.
And somewhere along the way…

I got overwhelmed.
And shut down.
And basically jumped ship.
And for the most part, quit memorizing.

But now I’m back on board.
And let me tell you why…

Our kids’ school started something new.
Instead of different verses, for different grades, for multiple children…
We now have one verse per week.
With one passage per week.
For the whole family.
And I’m loving this.
Because we can work together as a family
as we ask God to etch His Word into our hearts.
So I’m finding ways to
write our weekly passage
in places I know we’ll all see it.
And as I’m writing out the verse each week…
I usually have it close to memorized
just from all the writing out.
Our bathroom counter…
The door to our school room…
The boys’ bug cage…
Our daughters’ mirror…
The kids’ bathroom…
The dry erase board in our garage-play-room…
By our kitchen table…
All that to say…
Sometimes less really is more.
And we’re thrilled with the school’s decision to focus on
memorizing God’s Word as a family.
And I’m definitely back on board.
So thankful…
You shall teach them to your children,
talking of them when you are sitting in your house,
and when you are walking by the way,
and when you lie down,
and when you rise.
You shall write them on the doorposts of your house
and on your gates…
~Deuteronomy 11:19 and 20
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