Our Band of Brothers #1 (Life Skills and Character Building)

My husband and some of his friends held their first “Band of Brothers” event today.

The Purpose/Format: To bring dads and sons together to help pass on life-skills and to build godly character.

The first half of each meeting will be a demonstration, or hands-on activity, teaching a life skill. The second half will be a very practical character building activity.

When: Once a month (hopefully).

Time: TBD (2 hours or so)

Who: Boys ages 7 to 10-ish. Dads too! The plan will be to rotate through the dads that want to lead.

Where: The Chupp’s house and other locations.


Life Skills…
using a hammer/drill/screwdriver, pruning and yard maintenance,
money management, electricity & wiring,
using a shovel/pick axe, engine/car care, gun safety, sanding and staining, kitchen & cooking skills,
household appliance use & care, home safety, wellness and self-care, self defense,
making a fire/camping, electronics and media,
 map reading/using a compass/using public transportation…
Character Building…
respect for adults, lying/the mouth, hard work/diligence, kindness, serving, gratitude, self-control, idols, protecting others/helping those in need, the eyes (watching what you see), humility vs. pride,
respect for God’s Word, patience…

This week’s Life Skill– 
Using a Hammer, Drill, Nails, and Screws

4-6 dads with their boys…and a couple of neighbor-like-family-kiddos added to the mix…

This week’s Character Building Topic–
  Respect for Adults
Jason used clips from Avalon (one of his favorite movies)
to show examples of respect and disrespect.
Passages discussed:
1 Peter 2: 13-20  
Ephesians 6: 1-3
Questions discussed:
How can you show respect to adults? What does that look like in real life?
How can you show disrespect?  What are some practical examples of disrespectful behavior?
Somewhere in the middle of all that they also managed to have ice cream and play football.
I vacated the premises with our girls and a friend, but…
I could tell that all the boys and all the dads enjoyed themselves. 
Looking forward to Band of Brothers #2.
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