And Then I Started Crying…


Really there was no

I started crying even before the wedding started.

Because he, the groom…
He is special to us for many reasons.
First–he was our lawyer for both adoptions.
But with Selah’s,
He cleared the courts and had her adoption finalized–
On the day she died.
He cleared the courts and had her adoption finalized–
And had the papers delivered to the hospital just minutes before…
And so she died with our last name–
Officially our baby.

And because he, the groom…
We knew him when his youngest daughter battled cancer.
We knew him when his house burned down.
We knew him when his sweet wife Frances died.
We wept with him at her memorial.
As he held his two girls hurting…

Though we don’t know him deeply,
We’ve felt his hurting deeply–
This man whose heart has carried much pain.
Who was there with us–
When our hearts were drowning in love-pain-love-lost.

And because her, his bride…
I remember the first time I met her,
She was wearing a beautiful hat,
And she told me of her young husband’s death,
As she held the hands of her two sweet girls…
One just only four years and the other not even two.

She moved to our area and to our church and in the seven years I’ve barely known her,
Not a mention of a man.
Just a mama trying to live godly–
Clinging to the only Father
She could offer to her girls.

And in the fall…
When the pain was still so deep,
He, the groom, was praying for God’s guidance.
And she, the bride, was seeking God’s wisdom.
And he met her.
And though the timing defied everything sensible from the world’s dictation,
God often chooses His time–
Over ours.
So it made sense.
So much sense.

And it was just this Saturday–
When they were wed…
Two hearts knowing hurt.
Two hearts knowing grief.
Two hearts knowing what 1 Corinthians love really is…
They were married by the pastor.
And then their four girls were joined in family by the adoption judge who is our judge.
Our Selah and Lydia judge.
And I wept.
And it was beautiful.

Because only God can draw such beauty
From a pool of pain.
And God’s goodness is so evident in this union–
A union of love’s redemption.
Because only He can make things this beautiful…
And only–
In His time.

*Scott and Tia…thank you for letting me share your beautiful-God-written-story-of-love.

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  1. Raising Mighty Arrows says:

    How.beautiful. Thank you for sharing. :)

    • It was so so beautiful…the wedding and then the adoption that followed. Such evidence of God’s goodness. I know you know…the joy doesn’t erase the sorrow…but I’m thanking God for His good gift of JOY for this family.

  2. This is so beautiful… how our Father is so loving and it makes everything work out for good… all our pain and sadness he transforms in joy. Thank you for sharing, dear Kara!

  3. annie schilperoort says:

    So happy for them. Beauty from ashes. It’s His way. Love being able to hear some happy news for Scott and his girls. Thanks Kara!

  4. HopeUnbroken says:

    this is beautiful. and breathtaking. just what i needed to hear on this grey-soul day.
    thank you, kara.

    • Thanks Steph.
      I’ve been a phase of grey-soul-weeks for the past bit.
      Not sure why.
      I think He lets us go through that sometimes…
      Mayb so that we keep trusting He is behind the grey. That we can trust Him. He’s always there. And so we can pull close, even when it’s not easy to see…
      You’re always close to my heart.
      I’m behind on my visiting and commenting, but always feel the connection with you.

  5. This is so beautiful.

  6. Kara, You are beautiful. For real. I love how hard you love those in your life.

  7. Ken Teleis says:

    Thank you for sharing this. It’s beautiful.

  8. Ashley Ditto says:

    Just came across your blog. Amazing, I really enjoy it! Love this post!!

  9. Stacee T. says:

    I love it when God does this! So excited for Scott & Tia! Love your heart and your writing, Kara!!

    • Me too! I love it when you see a story clearly written by Him…
      Thank you for always been so encouraging Stac.
      We’re heading into the “Selah season”…always makes me thankful for you.

  10. Stefanie DiLella says:

    Beautiful <3

  11. I know. I started crying when they had the adoption during the wedding. I was trying to explain it to my Iraqi friends–their first American wedding, plus their culture doesn’t actually do adoption so I was trying to explain that. Crazy! But beautiful.

    • I was thinking about that when I looked behind and saw you all sitting there…
      Wondering what they were thinking.
      I love that you brought them.
      I keep thinking about their daughter…I’m going to keep my eye out for “princess items” :)
      My friend from Egypt (Doaah) and I have had many interesting discussions about adoption…I didn’t realize how many cultures don’t “do” adoption.
      My pile for you is growing. :)

  12. You know this was such a lovely post and very heartfelt. Isn’t it wonderful when the Lord as a plan for these two to be together. Yes, I believe God has a plan for all of us; we just need to keep trust in him. Thanks for these sweet post; it filled my cup today.

    • I’m so glad LeAnn…
      I was the same way.
      It was such a beautiful wedding…and I was totally a mess.
      The wedding was incredible enough (a gift from Him) but then…
      When they adopted the girls…
      Just beautiful…

  13. Wow. Just wow.

  14. Oh, Kara. Tears here. I remember Francis’ story and I am so amazed at our good God. So thankful He has brought these two special people together.

  15. Breathtaking — His redemption, His beauty, His amazing way to restore us all.

  16. “Because only God can draw such beauty from a pool of pain.” So true! So beautiful, thanks for sharing!

  17. libertybain says:

    Blessings to all!

  18. Andee Eve says:

    Love love love the way you wrote this story! Beautiful story, beautifully written. Thans for sating.

  19. I am visiting today from Women Living Well. What a beautiful story, you shared. I loved how you described everything! It is so important to wait on God’s timing and not to try to rush things. Thanks for sharing!

  20. A true love story! A love story from I Corinthians 13….beautifully refreshing! So thankful they’re willing to share their story through you

    • Their story is beautiful Sara…
      As is yours.
      Every time I visit over at your place,
      my heart is so thankful for your living-testimony-of-love.
      Trusting Him even when it’s so hard and with willingness to step out in faith.
      Your family is special to me.


  1. Impossible says:

    […] was in the message from our lawyer, letting me know he finalized the adoption of another Selah this week and had shared our […]

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