Treasure Trading 2012

Just in case you’re not a big fan of garage sales…

Or you are,
But you’re an even bigger fan of–

Here’s an alternate way to get rid of items that you no longer use or want.

It’s called Treasure Trading–

And here’s how Treasure Trading works:

#1)  Who should I invite and what is the purpose?

The Treasure Trading hostess invites a group of people to her home or another location.  The participants bring items that they aren’t currently using, to share with others who might possibly be able to use the items. Sometimes I have kept the group small, but we’ve held church-wide Treasure Trading events in the past and that is the plan for this year. 

You just need a location with enough room for displaying what the participants bring.  The goal is decluttering your own house, while creating an opportunity to help others.  Treasure Trading is a great event for inviting neighbors, co-workers, family, friends…pretty much anyone…except maybe those who will only use new items. Everything at a Treasure Trading Event has at least been cycled through one previous owner (though I’m always surprised by the number of items that are still in packages).

#2)  Any other requirements?

Treasure Trading participants must be willing to give their “treasures” away for free, with the hope that their discarded items might be a really useful blessing to someone else. It’s kind of like a free garage sale.  It is also a good idea to ask participants to bring some extra bags for gathering any items that they wish to take home with them.

#3)  How does this work?

Treasure Trading participants are invited to arrive with their items at the start time of the event.  A two hour block is plenty of time for Treasure Trading.  During the first 15 minutes, participants will display their items and then during the next 15 minutes, all participants are encouraged to peruse the treasures on display.  After 30 minutes of preparation and pre-trading, the actual event begins and participants are allowed to take anything that they can use.  Once the event ends, all participants are required to take their unwanted items home with them (I can’t stress enough the importance of this last rule).  I usually put my items straight into the car for a trip to Goodwill.

#4)  What should participants bring?

Treasure Traders can bring almost anything: books, toys, snow or ski gear, office supplies, canned goods, shoes, sports equipment, dishes, furniture, decorating items, fabric, jackets, craft supplies, yard decorations, jewelry, baby items, music, rainboots, towels, sheets, bedding, picture frames, over-purchased pantry supplies (I went through a strange mental stage where I bought ketchup almost weekly for two months and then needed to pass it on to someone).

#5)  What should participants not bring?

There are only 4 main categories that should not be included in Treasure Trading:

–Things that are dirty (please don’t pull clothes out of your laundry hamper)
–Things that are too personal (no one wants your husband’s old retainer)
–Things that are expired (I know canned tuna is supposed to last forever–but really?)
–Things that are broken (or random legs and arms of assorted action heroes…)

But besides those items, and maybe flammable explosives
Participants can bring anything they want.

Anyone interested?

For those in the area…
Our 2012 Treasure Trading is set for:
Friday, April 20th
Coffee corner and foyer of SW Bible Church
Childcare available with reservation
Please RSVP as soon as possible so we know how many tables to set up!
(you can leave a comment below or email me)

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