A Chuppdate #3 (Cheetos and Chickens and Colsons)

Lydia is sick.
And this is what I attempted to offer her for breakfast.
And yes…those are Cheetos…
I was getting desperate.
(But she said she was only hungry for pickles.)
She has been running a 103-105 temp since Sunday night…
And so we’re just hanging around today (taking luke-warm-baths) 
and I decided it was a good time for another–
have been working on the chicken co0p.
We hatched chickens without giving a lot of thought to the after-plan. 
But after several drainage wells, 4 tons of gravel,
and help from a guy on Craigslist who builds coops in transportable pieces,
they have a wonderful, new home to enjoy out back.
We ended up with 9, but are only allowed to keep 4 within the city limits.
So, my friend-and-neighbor-Jill took our “extras” over to her place.
We are still working on a plan for the rooster.
Apparently no one likes roosters.
As I said…
NO ONE seems to like roosters.
“We” also have been enjoying two new systems-of-organization–
1) Labeled laundry bins in the laundry room which must be emptied daily by 5pm.
2) New toothbrushes holders that free up counter space and keep germs relatively contained
 (clearly that’s working really well for us…since someone has been sick since FOREVER).
Our annual–
(Am I that far behind on updates?)
(Can you tell how much I love Chuck E. Cheese?)
Decorating Easter eggs with friends.
And Easter egg hunts.
And the real meaning of Easter…
He is risen! Heart, rejoice,
Hear you not the angel’s voice?
Though you wait beside the tomb,
There is light within its gloom:
Grave, where is thy victory?
He hath set thy captives free,
He hath robbed thee of thy prey,
They with Him shall live alway.
He is risen, He is risen,
Christ the Lord is risen to-day.
~Annie Johnson Flint
Birthday fun with family!!!
I can’t believe I missed a post for our
He turned 10 this last month and we are so thankful for him!
Ten years ago…
We named our Colson after
who died on April 21, 2012.
Just wanting to take a moment to thank God for the way
He redeemed Chuck Colson’s life,
which has impacted so many over the last 30 years.
When asked about the night that he met Christ,
Chuck Colson shared:
 “…I never want to get over it.
When I think about who I was that night and who I had been,
and then think about what Jesus has meant to me since
and knowing that I can live my life without suffocating in my own sin—
which I would have otherwise—
I am so filled with gratitude that I am compelled to do what Jesus commands.
That is why I keep doing what I am doing.
I am so grateful for what He has done for me.”
The book that my husband is currently reading to the kiddos at bedtime…
On Saturday,
Laura and I went to an
American Girl Tea Party,
in support of her friend Kaiah who has Type 1 Diabetes
and who was one of the fashion-show-models.
We had a great time together!
Last week,
we took a moment to
“pause and value”
(and to give thanks for the love we’ve been shown by so many since her death).
We continue to update our nature table
in an attempt to bring more of God’s Creation indoors
(especially as the rain continues to pour down in Oregon).
In the original post, I promised monthly-nature-calendars
and I have them uploaded finally and will post soon!
We’ve been working on the boys’ room this past month.
It’s been the same bright-blue-with-bugs
since Colson was 18 months old and Cavan was yet to join us.
Our friends Mark & Christie built these incredible loft beds for the boys
to give them each a desk and space of their own.
The boys LOVE them!!!
I found these
shot glass…er…um…rock display cases
for their rock collections and they work great!
We’ve been trying to really invest in our marriage…
And so, even though I told you about how we–
we went out for a date just this past Friday night
and left the kiddos with some forewarned friends. 
It was SO GOOD to have some time to talk without interruptions
(and to not share the cheese fondue with a crowd of little guys).
And I hear someone yelling–
from upstairs…
so that’s a wrap on this
Chuppdate Update.
I’ll leave you with this poem from
the devotional I’m currently working my way through.
How often, Lord, our grateful eyes,
Have seen what Thou hast done,
How often does Thy love surprise
From dawn to set of sun.
 How often has a gracious rain
On Thine inheritance,
When it was weary, wrought again
An inward radiance.
 Thou Who upon the heavens dost ride,
What miracle of love
Brings Thee more swiftly to our side
Than even thought can move?
 Our love is like a little pool,
Thy love is like the sea,
O beautiful, O wonderful,
How noble Love can be.
~Amy Carmichael
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