Happy Birthdays to the Oldest and Youngest of the Chupp Crew

These two share a special bond.
She was born on his birthday.
It was also Father’s Day.
God’s gifts to me–
A faithful, loving husband and best friend…
of going-on-16-years.
A daughter representing the…
shout of morning joy, after a night-time of weeping.
And I know she loves me tons,
But if she has the choice…
she usually chooses–
Happy Birthday Jason & Lydia…
I love you both very very much!
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  1. Stacee T. says:

    Happy birthday, Jason & Lydia!! <3

  2. I just love this! Happy Birthday! :)

  3. Barb Spencer says:

    This is so precious. Happy Birthday to Jason & Lydia and many, many more…

  4. Happy blessed birthday Jason and Lydia. and thanks Chuppies for embracing Lydia after such a loss. Today is a day for celebrating God’s grace.

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