I’m Thankful the Redbox Was Broken…

It meant we took a long bike ride.
Me and our Little #3,
Riding to the nearest other Redbox to turn in our movies.
I gave him the choice…
Of either walking back and driving…
Or taking our bikes and–
He chose his pedals.
And I’m so glad.

On the way there we heard a herd of birds–
Chirping and chattering and paused to see the cause.
A regal hawk–so still and silent–landed nearby.
The mama and daddy birds frantically squawked at the hawk…
As their six fluffy young ones made feeble fluttering attempts.

Because we were riding…
Not in a hurry,
We stayed until the hawk flew far away and we were free to leave–
With hope.

We ate a lot of bugs together.
They were out in swarms along the bike path.
We decided that next time we’d wear goggles.
And keep our mouths shut.
And I smiled at the thought of me in goggles on my bike.
But–it makes sense–to keep the bugs out–
Plus, I’d wear pretty much anything for that little guy.
And he thought it was a good idea.

We passed an interesting crowd.
On our bikes–we passed them.
I waited for our little guy to ask:
“Is she a lady of the night?”
He’s been using that phrase recently.
Quite often.
We’re still not sure where he heard it or what exactly he thinks it means.
It probably means he needs to take a long bike ride with his dad real soon.

But he still yelled at them.
Yelled as we passed by:

Hi !!!
Hey–  Hi !!!

Bike weaving, hand waving, smile wide…
(In hopes of making a connection).

Time spent.
Oh–how thankful I am that first Redbox was broken.

And I’m thankful for so much more on this
~ for older brothers who make Rapunzel-balloon-wigs ~
~ for good friends who will save places with me on parade routes ~
~ for fun dads who make everything more funny ~
~ for creative 10-years-olds ~
~ for cute baby chicks named “Angelica” who are found under friends’ cars ~
~ for wonderful Language Skills teachers who have helped with dyslexia ~
~ for annual Nerf Gun Wars in the park ~
~ for good books like Endurance ~
 (Fortitudine Vincimus—”by endurance we conquer”)
Find it here…
~ for good, long, solid friendships ~
~ for dads who create memories and help us not forget ~
~ for those we remember ~
~ for first-time-Disneyland-trips with family ~
~ for grandparents who plan and pay for those memories ~
~ for hugs from princesses ~
~ for sisters who love each other ~
~for two-year-old cousins ~
~ for boys who get lost at Disneyland, but are found ~
~ for good friends who share our love of adoption ~
~ for butterflies (not angels) who wash Ipads in sinks ~
~ for backwards-toddler-shoes and chalk ~
~ for good, but hard “True Grit marriage talks” ~
~ for missionary-forever-friends back in the U.S.A. ~
~ for God who makes cool things like newts ~
~ for our Band of Brothers ~
~ for their dads who teach them stuff ~
~ for the reminder to pause and be thankful for it all ~
And in all good gifts…
May the God of hope
fill you with all joy and peace in believing,
so that by the power of the Holy Spirit
you may abound in hope.
~Romans 15: 13

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  1. I’m here from “We are That Family” link up from FOREVER ago… just catching up on posts. Yikes!! I love this post and it reminds me that motherhood is so much sweeter when we choose not to hurry. I noticed you have an “Everything” button — are you on the launch team? (Me too!)

    Lindsey @ GrowingKidsMinistry.com

    • Hi Lindsey :)
      Thanks for stopping by…yes…I’m on the launch team, but so far I haven’t been a great “team player”. Next week is our first back to school and then life should return to a bit of a routine. But I LOVE Mary and her book…looking forward to digging in and promoting a bit more…
      How fun to *meet* you…I’ll look for you in the Everything Launch Group now :)


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