Creating a Nature Table (with The Better Mom)


This post feels kind of like throwing a housewarming party for yourself while you’re still surrounded by unpacked boxes.
Our migration to this new space is going well, but we’re still getting links to work, shifting things around and you will most definitely notice a few glitches.

But– I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to send you over for a visit to
The Better Mom today where I’m sharing the–

How? and the Why? of creating a Nature Table.

I’d also like to invite you back on Monday when we’ll host our official–

Welcome to the Chuppies Housewarming Party!!!

(with fun giveaways including items from Dayspring, Adventures in Odyssey, Rachel Wojnarowski, The Child Training Bible, photography by Seth Deibel and others)

In the meantime, please come visit with us over at The Better Mom today where I get to share about one of my favorite topics–God’s Creation!

The How (and Why) of Creating a Nature Table (or Area)

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  1. And…this just shows that all the glitches aren’t quite worked out :)
    And…that my 24-hr-time-clock-skills aren’t too good.
    This was scheduled to post at 10 pm tonight, so please look for the post at The Better Mom tomorrow morning…thanks for your patience!

  2. Hi Kara! I’m so blessed by your words, and look forward to reading your post tomorrow. :) I’ve just made the switch to WordPress this week as well, and I SO understand the glitches and kinks and “feeling like you’re surrounded by tons of unpacked boxes”. Keep sharing for Him!

  3. Great idea wish I had room in my house to do that. Will do this when we are back in the states in a much larger house:) Love the new look I often think about moving to Word press but my computer knowledge is lacking:)

    • :)
      Anna-Maire you are creating a treasury of memories with your crew that are INCREDIBLE! Do you have any idea when you’ll be back in the states?
      I think of you everytime I see the Normandy sand you sent. I think it’s in one of the photos over at The Better Mom post :)

      About the migration…there is absolutely NO WAY I could have done this on my own with the time I can currently devote to computer-online-stuff. But Julie, see the design link below, is incredible and basically did all of the difficult stuff for me :)

  4. It always takes a some time to get things the way you would like. I will look forward to your housewarming event and I will check out your story on the Better Mom.
    Blessings to you and enjoy the moments of putting it all together.

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