The Tilt-A-Whirl

From N.D. Wilson’s Notes from the Tilt-A-Whirl
(as we’re off to the county fair today)

“Denying God’s power might quiet the nerves of some,
but I cannot begin to understand why.
When the roller coaster inverts me, twists me, and sends me into a tight spiral,
I do not struggle philosophically or religiously
with the idea of someone being in control
or of engineers having been involved
or of all of this being in some way intentional.
As I quease and scream,
do not stroke my cheek and try to reassure me
by pointing to a panicking carnie as he wiggles powerless controls.
Don’t start holding my hand,
telling me about the engineers’ good intentions,
but the impossibility of them actually knowing
what the ride was going to do
or where it would end when they’d created it…
…Are we on a world kick-started by a god
who doesn’t know how to drive?
Is this god embarrassed?
This God is big,
bigger than the world.
Faith is hard on the back of a motorcycle,
it is hard when the Tilt-A-Whirl reverses its spin,
when the bright lights blur into confusion
against the night sky,
…But faith brings with it
the only possibility of peace and joy in this world–
the only possibility of laughter
on this mad, mad ride…”
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  1. I haven’t been to a county fair for a very long time. I am sure you had a blast. I liked your analogy on this one. I think life is perhaps like a tilt a whirl.

  2. Sometimes it feels like life is out of control, like I’m riding a tilt-a-whirl and I wonder, “Where is God in all this? Did He abandon the wheel?” On the contrary, He is inviting me to a faith-filled adventurous journey to hold on tight and never let go because how else will we ever prove the genuineness of our faith if we never go through crazy and unexpected ups-and-downs? How else can we enjoy the truly joyous and exciting moments if we never know pain because we’ll have nothing else to compare it to? As always, fantastic analogy, Kara! I truly enjoy your blog.

  3. Jessica Heights says:

    Now that’s a good analogy!

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