Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

So this one might turn out a little strange…

But yes…

I’m inviting you to be my neighbor.
Because there are three (maybe four) houses that are going on the market (or that are already for sale) on our loop. 

And a neighbor-friend and I were talking about how incredible it would be to fill our area with families who love the Lord and who also have a heart to reach out to the neighborhood.

Each summer morning, I get at least one call from a neighbor kiddo who wants to come and play.
The raised garage door is the sign that we’re “open for business”.
And thegarage transformation was intentional.
Last week, it was filled with children pretty much every. single. day.
And there may be a day when God tells us to go,
But for now, it’s all about
Learning to live for Him in the–

For right now,
This is where God has us.
On this street.
With these people…
Whose lives are filled with–
Marriage and divorce and love and anger and…
Children and joy and pain and doors-that-shut-when-cars-pull-in and…
Wealth and loss and struggle and sprinklers and cats-that-roam and…
Success and defeat and gardens and girl scout cookies and soccer games and…
Death and tears and dogs-that-bark and garage sales and…
Kids-with-keys-to-empty-houses and disease and motorcycles and…
Fun and rent-to-pay and running shoes and doorbells and new babies and…
Hanging plants and slamming doors and new gutters and plates of cookies…
And people who need Him.

And so really…
It’s bigger than just wanting some nice neighbors.
It’s about being willing to pray– anything.
To be wise and intentional,
But also to be willing to take those crazy steps of faith…
When God nudges.
To actually stop and consider…
Where can He most use us?
What natural connections and relationships is He building in our lives?
Why has He placed us in this current spot or stage or season or scenario?
How might He be asking us to make changes or take steps of faith to be even more used by Him?
Because…whatever we do, let it all be to the glory of God (1 Cor. 10:31).

 To be willing to go–
Or stay.

And to–
Wherever you are…

Wherever we are–
Be a light shining in the darkness,
So that others may see our good deeds…and glorify our Father who is in Heaven (Matt 5:16).
And maybe,
Just maybe…
He’ll put it on your heart to join us?
In this place where we’re trying to erase the false lines that divide the secular and sacred…
In this messy spot where
I promise to try my best to be a good neighbor…

“It is not what a man does
that determines whether his work is sacred or secular;
it is why he does it.”
~A. W. Tozer
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  1. Mnjerseygirl says:

    Thanks for sharing this. As someone who currently wondering, “Why are we here? Why can’t we move?” this one helped put things into perspective for me. Make it a blessed day!

  2. Love this! That quote is awesome too!

  3. I love the idea of opening your garage to neighbor kids. You have such a sweet heart. I’d love to be your neighbor! ~SJB

    • And I would LOVE to be YOUR neighbor…you’d probably have to kick me out because I’d be over so often.
      We are thankful for the neighborhood we’re in!
      And I love that God can use our house/garage…not that I don’t get overwhelmed by the mess sometimes…but it’s totally something I’ve prayed for :)


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