Why I’m Excited About The Dig for Kids (with a giveaway) !!!

Most of you know– I rarely write reviews or promote products…
Unless I totally stand behind them and genuinely feel they are worthwhile.
That’s how I feel about Pastor Patrick Schwenk’s new devotional book– The Dig

Ruth Schwenk, Patrick’s wife, is the founder of The Better Mom website, where I’m honored to be a contributing writer.
The Better Mom has been a great source of encouragement to me over the past year (and I just love Ruth) because the focus over there is always:

~ How can I be a more godly mama?
~ How can I be a better wife?
~ How can I walk with God more closely?
~ How can I live in a way that brings Him glory?

So on a side note– I want to invite you to visit The Better Mom today where we’re celebrating with a One Year Anniversary GIVEAWAY !!!
But now back to The Dig

The Dig is a family devotional that takes us through the book of Luke (first twelve chapters in Volume I) in a fun way that I can very much appreciate and relate to.
I love the way each lesson is divided into 4 sections:

The Map–a brief overview of what we will cover in the verses for that lesson (with a clear connection to how it relates to Jesus).

The Dig–questions that help us make observations about the text and look for specific details.

The Treasure–a unique truth or promise we can hold on to from what we read in the verses.

The Display–questions to help us apply what we read to real life. And these questions are great! The questions will make your children (and you) really think about how God’s Word can be meaningful in their (our) lives. And most questions encourage some sort of next-step-action…which I love!

There are many good devotional books for families, but what I love about this one is that it basically is a walk through Scripture verse-by-verse, chapter-by-chapter. Instead of relying on fictional stories to make a certain point, The Dig points children (and parents) directly to God’s Word and helps them “dig out” God’s wisdom and promises in a way that can impact (and be applied to) real, everyday life.

The Dig is available on The Dig for Kids website or amazon, but today we are giving away a free PDF copy to one of our readers.
If you’re interested in The Dig, please leave me a comment below. I will announce the winner on Friday morning.
And please take a moment to stop by The Better Mom for another opportunity to win a copy (along with a bundle of great it’s-our-one-year-anniversary-treats) !!!


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  1. Carissa @ sole sisters running says:

    I’m interested! :)

  2. Williamsalley83 says:

    Very interested in this study! We are doing grapevine right now this would be great to add to our family bible study routine! Thank u for the give away!

  3. I’d love to check out this book! Thanks for the giveaway!

    • Thanks for stopping by Sarah…I will let you know tomorrow. Decided to keep this giveaway really low key and will let one of our kiddos pick a name out of a bowl…coming off of several big giveaways last week. :)
      I’m honestly VERY excited about this devotional…and totally trust the authors…Ruth is a special friend through The Better Mom and she knows kids…knows what they will/can relate to.

  4. Reese Michele says:

    Sounds like a great book! Kara, what was the name of that bible for kids that had tabs? I really want to get one. Thanks!

    • Hi sweet friend… :)
      The link to the Child Training Bible is to the right under “affiliates and sponsors”. It’s the blue square with a cross in it. So the way it works…you purchase a “kit” from them for $9 and then either use a Bible you have or there are links at the bottom of their purchase page to an ESV that is great. You will need the highlighters and the tabs too….those are also on the page. It does add up, but it’s a GREAT resource!

  5. Oh this sounds intriguing. I’m a huge fan of verse by verse study and love the idea of a devotional that actually draws my children into the unabridged Word!

  6. This sounds like a wonderful devotional book. I would love to work through it with my 4 youngest.

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