You Won’t Like This Post When You See It…

And I know you won’t.

You will cringe when you see this post.
But we’re celebrating your birthday this week and it’s more about Him than it is about you.
It’s about Him in You.

Because you are Matthew 5:16 to me.
You shine your light and it brings glory to Him.
And you do it for that reason…
So this is not to steal your treasure in Heaven (because I know you have a pile).
But because I want others to know what it looks like to pour out your life for the sake of Christ.

It is being you, the greeter, the first “hello” that every person reaches when they walk through those doors at church.

It is the jello dropped off when you know kids are sick and this mama is in much-need-of-help.

It is your request for help, when you know the real need is me learning to serve.

It is the fact that you worry and pray and heartache over that woman in study who is struggling.

It is that text that asks me where I was and lets me know I was missed when I didn’t show up.

It is the times I see you, elderly friend on arm, as the to-dentist-appointment-driver.

It is meeting after meeting after meeting over God’s Word, that almost no one knows about… where you invest in lives.

It is the pink balloons at Selah’s memorial because we wanted to celebrate life over death.

It is all the walks and talks you made time for when my heart was heavy with grief.

It is the way our kids call you “Aunt Nally” when our family lives away and you can be family here.

It is your gentle nudge that calls my attitude into check.

It is the moments when you are real about your mama-fears and marriage-struggles and how you still have hope.

It is your love for our children in all their real realities.

It is the call that says we haven’t connected…and you ask me to pray for–

It is your honest failures and open door and open heart and open-ness to correction and redirection.

It is the times you offer to watch our kiddos so we can have some marriage moments.

It is why I don’t have photos of you…always behind the scenes.

It is the way my doorbell rings and you are here and it’s better you didn’t call ahead.

It is how I turn right or left and hear of how in someway you are reaching out, pulling in, calling to, always weaving our church family tighter and closer to Him.

This is relationship.
This is mentorship.
This is–

You’re not perfect…but you are the perfect (in Him) Titus 2 for me.
And I love you and thank God for you…
Happy Birthday Sarita.





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  1. Catherine V. says:

    Precious! Happy birthday to your friend. What a blessing she is!

    • Thank you Catherine.
      We’re having a big 50th birthday party for her on Friday (which I’m sure she is dreading…not wanting to be in the spotlight)…but her life has been a clear picture of Titus 2 to me. It needs to happen…and it will totally point to Him. :)

  2. gracelaced says:

    Oh goodness, I love this post. I’m blessed simply knowing that God is at work to make our lives count…to someone, somewhere, whether we ever realize it or not, whether we feel equipped or not. Thank you for testifying to His sanctifying work in a humble servant’s life.

  3. Just beautiful, Kara!

  4. CrazyBlessed says:

    :) Beautiful example of being God’s hands and feet. Just beautiful. wow

  5. Elizabeth says:

    oh Kara, this is beautiful. What a tender tribute to your friend and sister in Christ. And we all are privileged that you chose to share your heart. I walk away from reading this feeling re-energized, re-charged, and re-directed in love and service to others for Him. Amazing post.

    • Thanks so much Elizabeth for being so encouraging and for stopping by…
      I feel that way when I think about her too because I know how much her investing has meant in my own life.
      And she never pretends to be perfect. Part of why I admire her so much is that she has shared her faults and I’ve seen her growth. I get excited about living out these kind of friendship-relationships too…I think it’s how God intended the body of Christ to function.

  6. Elizabeth says:

    In all my excitement I forgot to say I stopped by for a visit from Denise’s. It is so nice to have time over here. Elizabeth, wynnegraceappears

  7. This made me teary…such a perfect description of a Titus 2 woman. Glad you have such a wonderful woman in your life!

    • Thanks Elizabeth and even when someone isn’t “older”…but more of a peer (or both)…I think this can happen and it even happens online…that spurring on. I feel like we do that with each other. I know if I wrote something WAY “off” you would put me in check :)

  8. Brenda Mulder says:

    Beautiful and oh so true! Yes, she’s going to kill you, but she’ll get over it! :D

    • Yep…my thoughts exactly…and it’s good for us all to remember what that walk-along-the-way-mentoring can look like. It’s not always the “set” meetings…sometimes it’s the jello dropped off when the kiddos are battling a throw-up-bug.

  9. She sounds like an immense blessing.

  10. Beautiful tribute!!

  11. Behind The Smile says:

    A lovely affirmation of a true friend but also a true Christian. Behind The Smile.

  12. Beautiful reminder of true friendship and Christian fellowship.

  13. Living Waters by LeAnn says:

    What a lovely post and birthday wish to a friend. You discribed friendship well. I find that friends are such a treasure in my life. Thanks for the reminder to do of all the love given in service. Blessings!

  14. Michele-Lyn says:

    I love this line… “it’s more about Him than it is about you.
    It’s about Him in You.”

    This is just so beautiful. I am so glad I came on by from Faith Filled Fridays. We are neighbors there :)

    Blessings to you…

    • Today was her party…
      It was incredible to see all the lives her life has touched. Of course, she was mortified to be the center of attention, but I kept reminding her…
      It’s such a beautiful picture of His church, His family…to see lives intertwined like this…others will know we love Him by our love for one another.

  15. Happy Birthday Sarita! Thanks to both you and Kara for being a Titus 2 woman in my life!

  16. Lori Hatcher says:

    You made me cry this morning. You reminded me of how blessed I am to have had “Saritas” in my life and of how much I want to be one too. Visiting from Be Not Weary and glad I did.

  17. messymarriage says:

    What a beautiful tribute to a special lady in your life. I’m so glad she has poured into you so that you can pour into others, Kara. :)

  18. What a blessing to have this woman in your life. I would definitely agree with Beth. I see you pouring out the same refreshing goodness to women in need. Thanks, Kara, for all the inspiration and refreshment you provide!

  19. So sweet! Happy (belated) Birthday! Thanks for sharing this with the Thrive @ Home community. :)

  20. I. LOVE. this. post!! And I agree 100%. Beautifully written and I’m so glad you posted.


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