Do the Next Right Thing…Again.


I revisited a post that I wrote a couple of years ago–
Do the Next Right Thing.
As I’m digging my way slowly out of the summer-dump-and-run-chaos that we created over the past 3 months.

You know that “junk drawer” we all have?
Well…I feel like EVERY drawer is that drawer right now.

So yesterday I tackled the bathrooms and found six bottles of hydrogen peroxide.
My husband is convinced it is the best thing for cleaning wounds and because the cupboards are full of miss-mash…he keeps telling me we are out.
And so I buy more. and more. and more.

I threw away a bottle of Advil that expired in ’08.
And cleaned leaking Dimetap off of all our thermometers.
I felt really good.

In the kitchen I cleaned out the drawer full of baby bottles.
It was time.
I fed Lydia her last bottle sometime around April 2010.

In the laundry room I found a pile of papers and realized it was actually a stack of Christmas cards and that I set aside to save and read later.
Christmas in September?

You may not see me much this week…
We’re getting used to new school schedules and reigning in bedtimes and digging into a new Bible study and getting exercise back on the books.
I’m trying to do this week’s– next right thing.

At times it will mean getting the laundry done.
Or cleaning out the school room.
Or vacuuming the entry.
Or filing the mail.

But–at other times–

His next right thing will be…
Reading with the kiddos.
Or calling a hurting friend.
Or making time to engage the cashier at the market.
Or listening to a long…long…LONG story about Someone’s day at school.

And today I am thankful for the reminder.
The reminder that I cannot avoid because of this stage of life.
That my best choice is to ask Him.
And then do–
The next right thing He’s planned for today.




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  1. So good. “The Next right thing.” Love it… we too are coming off a crazy season. And, really, this entire year is going to be crazy. I’ll just keep doing the next right thing!

    And I totally get it…everything you said. ;)

  2. Catherine V. says:

    I just love your heart and your commitment to let Him lead your life. You are a wonderful example! Praying for God to bless your week.

  3. Sandra Guardado says:

    Sounds like my house right now. I pulled out several kitchen drawers this week to clean behind it and found an envelope of Kraft easy mac that expired in 2003. Also going through the gadget drawer – keep thinking why did I need this? Hmm, I think there is a blog post in there somewhere.

  4. Yes, I do have that kind of drawer and like you said, it does need cleaning out every now and then. Just like my relationship with Him. Greetings from NOBH!

  5. I really like this concept…just do the next right thing. We don’t have to have the next ten steps. BTW. I love the feeling after cleaning out a really bad junk drawer.

  6. You know, if I look at everything as the next right thing, then my list of to-do looks a whole lot less intimidating and more of a suggestion than an absolute. Love it! :)

  7. Your words are very reassuring, Kara:) When someone shares that they are behind, or truly don’t have it together, but are doing what they can, being faithful step by step…that rings in my soul. So, thank you, friend. Blessings to you!

  8. Living Waters by LeAnn says:

    I am with you it is time to get rid of the junk! Maybe even clean my kitchen gout. Thanks for a fun read. Just keep enjoying the moments with your family; that always comes first. By the way, we just got a new fridge. My husband was cleaning the old one out and I had so bottles of stuff that was way outdated. Oh how I need to keep up on my house cleaning better.

  9. oh preach sister. By the end of this month, I am hopeful that the summer sludge will no longer be seem. In the mean time, going to do the next right thing. ;)

  10. Oh, friend. Digging out from under here too. But my drawers are still a mess. It’s time to put up shorts and get out the jeans. That’s a whole ball of mess. *sigh* The next right thing? I’ll be feeling my way along. Thanks for this. Hugs to you.

  11. Denise Oldham says:

    Amen, amen.

  12. Oh, what a good reminder. Thank you!

  13. Shari Miller says:

    Amen! Perfect words. If we seek God’s will He will always guide us to the next right thing to do.

  14. A wonderful exposition on Elisabeth Elliot’s powerful quote, with a twist! Thanks for sharing. Visiting from Be Not Weary today :)

  15. It’s so easy to get caught up in the everyday and miss His voice. Thank you for this gentle reminder. Thank you for linking up at Thrive @ Home.

  16. Cleaning out the clutter so you can attend to the important, not the urgent, so you can take time to rest & refresh. It does feel good to get these areas back under control, doesn’t it?

  17. just beautiful. thanks for this reminder!!!


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