12 and What I Really Want Most…


12 candles tomorrow


I’m so thankful for you Laura…

For your joyful spirit and love for others.
For the way you work so hard and are willing to press on through struggles.
For what an incredible big sister you are.
For how the heartaches that you’ve experienced have made you more compassionate and willing to look out for others.
For your silly giggles and complete inability to know a surprise without bursting into laughter.
For the way you love God and the way you want others to know and love Him too.

I wrote this for you many, many years ago…when you were just tiny in my arms, but it is still my prayer for you.

Happy Birthday Laura…
We love you so much!

Mom (and Dad)

For My Laura…


As I cradle you,
And your trusting eyes look into mine,
My heart aches in the fullness of the love I feel.


Though bundled tightly, securely,
You are so fragile and so vulnerable.
The weight of your small life crushes me
As I question how I can shield you from the dangers of this world.


But then,
I remember.
You are His…


He formed you,
Every tiny detail…
Your little fingers, toes, small ears–


Even before you were born,
He made you with a plan in mind,
A plan for your good and His glory.


There is so much I anticipate…
Hearing you call me “Mama”,
Seeing you take your first stumbling step,
Watching you draw a flower,
Or dress up as a princess.


I think of all the joys ahead of us…
Learning to read, riding a bike, making friends.
And I already pray that someday you’ll find a man to love
As much as I love your daddy.
And even more, that he’ll love you back
With a love that only God can grow.
I want all of that for you.


But as I gaze down at you now…a tiny bundle of pink,
My own daughter.
It’s hurts deep to search your eyes and know that along the path of life–
You will know sadness.
You will know hurt.
You will know pain.
I start to think that I’d remove all that,
Protect you from it all–
If I could.


But then, God gently reminds me,
You are His..
And that He loves you even more than–
I ever could.


There’s so much I want for you,
But above all else,
I want you to be fully His–
To be the woman He created you to be.
And I know that sometimes He allows suffering,
So we will know His sufficiency.
He allows our weakness,
To evidence His strength.


And so, My Laura,
With all that is within me,
I entrust you to His care.


I will do my part–
To teach you.
To train you.
To love you deeper-deeply,
But I know He is your true shelter.


He knows your days, your years…
Since first He–
Designed you.
Created you.
Knit you together.


And so, my deepest prayer is that
You will set your heart and mind and might and soul to–
Seek Him.
And please Him.
And love Him.


And so, my deepest prayer is that
God will mold your heart–
To be gentle.
To be gracious.
To be merciful.
To be strong.
To show real love to others.


And so, even now,
When your precious fingers are curled around my own,
What I really want most, Little Laura,
Is for you to be


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  1. Catherine @ Choosing Joy Daily says:

    Beautiful, K. So thankful for your wonderful example. Happy Birthday to Laura!

  2. Hi Kara,

    I am so grateful I linked up after you at GDWJ so I could read your heartfelt and beautiful post for your girl. Happy Birthday, Laura…you are blessed to have such a loving mom :)

  3. How very precious…

  4. Aw, happy birthday to Laura!

  5. Beautiful…have a wonderful day together!

  6. Such beautiful words for your Laura! What a sweet and precious girl!

  7. That is so beautiful. I thought of my 9 year old son when I read that, because our relationship is a daily struggle. Thank you for reminding me that HE belongs to God as well and I can trust God’s plan for his life. God’s many blessings on your family!

    • Thank you Jennifer…and I’m so sorry for the daily struggle…I have a close friend who always says… “It’s not the end of their story…”
      Just a reminder that God can reach hearts and transform…I need that reminder over and over.

      It’s hard when as a mama you just love them so so SO much. I don’t think anything has brought me to my knees crying out to Him more than our kiddos and their hurts and struggles.

  8. Anne-Marie Wachsmuth says:

    What a precious gift of words…for a very sweet girl who will always dear to our hearts!

  9. This made me cry! So beautiful!

  10. LeAnn Williams says:

    Just a very lovely post. I was deeply moved by your thoughts about your sweet daughter. It is exactly what we want for each of the special spirits we have in our homes is that they find God and they are his.
    Blessings and hugs!

  11. This so made me cry! You’ve beautifully expressed your fears, dreams and hopes for your beautiful daughter. This was a lovely tribute to her, but even more importantly, a beautiful tribute to our Lord who’s so awesome at fashioning and caring for our sweet children. Great post!
    I’m visiting via Thriving Thurs. http://www.marywomantowoman.blogspot.com

  12. prayernotesbycynthia says:

    This is a beautiful piece. Every time I start to worry over my children, I rededicate them to God, because I know that my love is only a candle’s glow to how much He loves them. Happy birthday to Laura! May your children’s lives be filled with His love. ~Cynthia

  13. Tracy Bua Smith says:

    Beautiful and what a treasured gift for your big 12 year old! Happy Birthday to Laura! My son turns 11 on Oct. 19!

  14. Beautiful. Brought this mama to tears!

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