Because Today I Needed the Reminder…



“There is unwavering peace today…

when an uncertain tomorrow…

is trusted to an unchanging God.”

~ Ann Voskamp



*photo source…a kindred spirit who reminds me… He is faithful.

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  1. Scott and Amanda Buss says:

    Oh how I needed this reminder today. Thank you kara. He holds all if us…my kids future…in the palm of His hand. And I can put all of my trust in Him. I trust Him. He is the King of kings.

  2. prayernotesbycynthia says:

    Beautiful photo and quote, for it is true: He is the King of kings. We need to focus on Him and Him, alone. We cannot trust man to save us…only our Heavenly Father.Amen!

  3. LeAnn Williams says:

    Just lovely thoughts! We must trust in Him who knows what is best. I believe that Our Savior loves this country and we will not fail. Although there may be rough times ahead.

    Blessings for this one!

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