On the Sick Days…

Sick Days

Today will be a day of Lysol wipes.

Seventy-five-percent of our crew is down with something…
Ranging from persistent annoying coughs, to high fevers, to vomit.

And I’m still feeling a little queasy myself.
And this sickness-relay started last Wednesday.

It was a good morning to reread Edith Schaeffer’s–
A Shelter in the Time of Storm”.

Yes…today will be a day of Lysol wipes.
But it will also be a day of cuddles, and cozy couch stories, and vanilla steamers and Popsicles,
Of pajamas and warm baths and cartoons and feeling loved.

Thank you God (and Edith) for the reminder.

“What is a family?  A family is a well-regulated hospital, a nursing home, a shelter in time of physical need, a place where a sick person is greeted as a sick human being and not as a machine that has a loose bolt, or a mechanical doll that no longer works–to be shoved aside because it is no more fun, nor is it useful!”

“For some people the memory of illness carries with it the memory of loving care, cool hands stroking the forehead, sponge baths in bed, clean sheets under a hot chin, lovely-flavored drinks, back rubs, medicine given methodically by the clock, flowers near the bed, curtains drawn when the fever is hurting the eyes, soft singing mother’s or father’s voice during a sleepless night.”

“When illness hits we should remember that this period of time is part of the whole of life.  This is not just a non-time to be shoved aside, but a portion of time that counts…We are to recognize that to waste this time is as much a loss as wasting a time we might think of as the height of productivity.”

“The opportunity to do something practical about making your family remember their sickness with a feeling that yours was the “best hospital in the world” is very real, and becomes the challenge that gives purpose to some of the drudgery…It is a time when each of us can have the chance to be practical about the command in Matthew 7:12…During sicknesses we can both literally and figuratively ‘wash feet’ as we do the messy jobs that someone has to do, and then say, ‘Thank you, Lord, for giving me a glimpse of what it is all about.”

“You can’t face the sickness, the operations, the broken arms and legs, the serious diseases, the disasters, or even the headaches, unless you realize there is never a convenient time set aside for joy or sorrow, protected by neat little walls so that the two things will not mingle and spoil each other.”

“This isn’t a book about the problem of suffering (since that would make a book in itself), but it must be said here that children in a Christian family, sharing illnesses and accidents, operations and sudden death, need to be taught day by day that it is an abnormal world.  People need to know that we live in an abnormal world which became that way when sin entered as Adam and Eve chose to believe Satan, rather than God–and that Jesus’ suffering was necessary in order to do something about it.”

“Not only are we told to ‘weep with those who weep’, making it very clear that God expects His children to have reasons for weeping, but we are told that we are to comfort others with the comfort which God gives to us.  God comforts us in our troubles, pain, sorrows, sicknesses, and in our agony over the illnesses of others.  We are to find comfort in His Word as we read it, and we are to find comfort in communicating with Him in prayer, but one of the purposes of our being comforted is that we can comfort others.  Therefore, others need our comfort.”

“The will-o’-the-wisp, end-of-the-rainbow, daydream idea of happiness, of happy marriages, happy families, happy people, and ‘having a right to happiness’ doesn’t touch upon reality.  What is a family?  A family is a blending of people for whom a career of making a shelter in the time of storm is worth a lifetime!…Yes, it is while we are in the land of the living that the family is meant to care for each other, and to be a real shelter–“



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  1. Mary Jo Brunner says:

    This is so incredibly beautiful! (And what a heartbreakingly beautiful pic of your sweet little one… Prayers of healing being lifted up for you…

  2. Praying for you, Kara, and thanking God that Edith took the time to write down her words of encouragement for women.

  3. Cindy Chupp says:

    I’m so sorry! Hope everyone feels better QUICK! (And you don’t get any worse!)

  4. Oh wow, that was so good! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Praying for health to come to your house, sweet Kara!

  6. Janice C Johnson says:

    I remember my own kids’ sick days… Thank you for this lovely reminder! It will help me care for my own mom as she undergoes and recovers from surgery next month.

  7. LeAnn Williams says:

    I like the title of the book; “A Shelter In Time of Storms”. Your thoughts were heartfelt. I remember many moments of illness among my children and do just what you are doing. Just loving and comforting one another. As a Hospice home health nurse I spent a few years comforting those who were preparing for their impending death. Just love all those little ones and prayers for you all.
    Blessings to you all and hope that the recovery is quick.

  8. This post was perfect for me today as my third of five kids got “struck” with the nasty stuff that has keeping my normally crazy crew down. I had such a long to-do list today and felt a bit put out by yet another sick kid- and this, this wisdom has humbled me and inspired me to use this gift of today in a different way than planned. Thank you .

  9. jercece@gmail.com says:

    Oh wow, I wish I would have read this when you first posted it . .. we’ve been hit with one thing or another, and while it is hard to see the kids sick, I was grumbling in my heart at why the worst seems to hit in the middle of the night when everyone is so exhausted and out of it etc. But I have heard the oldest (13 now) reminisce over times of sickness recalling the all night care, heads being caressed, “soothing” :) In hindsight they are treasured times. I am missing probably the 4th week of church this morning, and this just ministered to me! Thank you for sharing – think I will post to FB, and get the book – copy this quote in my journal to read and re-read . . . . SOMETHING! Take good care sister!


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