The Story Isn’t Over…


God's Story

As of today when I’m writing this…
I don’t think I’ve really seen another adult besides my husband since Monday.
We’ve been battling a fever-flu-bug-yuck-virus that has cycled its way through our family.
Today is Day #10.

On Monday night, our youngest came down with a really high fever, was throwing up, seemed absolutely exhausted and so we put her to bed, tucked her in, and watched as she quickly snuggled in for the night.

About 20 minutes later, we heard some chaos upstairs and ran up to check on her.

She had,
(her big sister was just across the hall and didn’t hear her),

Climbed out of her bed.
Left her room.
Entered her brothers’ room.
Found their candy stash.
Consumed their candy stash.
Found her oldest brother’s oil paints.
Used his oil paints to decorate the carpet.
Kinda like frosting on a cake.

She hasn’t done something like this in almost a year.

And it was honestly discouraging.
I was tired.
And tired of cleaning up throw-up and tired of cooped-up-inside-with-sick-people and…
Just tired.

But the really discouraging part was seeing her choose to do something she absolutely knew was wrong.
And there are those days as a parent,
And even just as a person,
Because I do it myself.

Where the wrong is chosen–
And it’s on those days that we need to remember that the story isn’t over.
And thankfully,
God is the author of  this story…
He’s still writing,
On hearts.

I’m sharing today over at The Better Mom

I’d love it if you would stop by to say hi.
Love it.
Did I mention that I need a little time with some-people-who-are-not-throwing-up ?
Am I sounding desperate?
Just maybe…
A bit.
I am serious.
Someone come say hi.
And please bring more Lysol wipes.




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  1. P.S. I’m posting this early…
    The Better Mom Post will go live at 10 pm.
    But…you never know what will happen in the next two hours :)

  2. Oh, Kara. I’m so sorry! I don’t have kiddos yet, but I have been the one sick. 8 weeks of non-stop illnesses. Praying for you all!

    • Thanks Catherine…
      Doesn’t matter kiddos or not (and I’m praying for that for you)
      It’s so hard to be sick.
      But reminds me of Heaven and what we look forward to.
      Thankful for your friendship and the encouragement….
      Love, K

  3. Wow. Lydi is amazing. Glad she’s feeling better though :) Wish I could actually bring you some wipes. Love you.

    • Man.
      I miss you…
      Why do you think Hawaii is so cool?
      I miss you.
      I’m cleaning out rooms (like I meant to do for your garage sale) and I was in Lydi’s…with all the photos of her and Loche.
      I miss you.

  4. Cindy Chupp says:

    You POOR THING!!!!! That sounds awful! Hope it’s over SOON!

  5. Katharine Barrett says:

    So sorry, we are sick sick sick as well, seems it has been the winter for it. I went outside yesterday for the first time in 10 days…it was awesome! Spring is coming, take heart!

  6. Kara, oh, wow, I’m praying–right now! I am so sorry! I am so grateful for your precious and powerful honesty and sharing.

  7. Hi Kara, I have a child, a wonderful child, that I sometimes refer to as my RDC (Rather Difficult Child). It’s an understatement. I saw your ink pad decorations post-something she did a year ago-and wow, it’s strangely soul-soothing, the knowing that I’m not alone part. Just today I tossed out a kitchen spoon that got used in a toilet. It’s something like that every day. For years now. There is just something about knowing you are not the only one. Thank you:)

    And I hope you get well soooooooon!

    P.S. A post from one of our sick days:

    • Hi Mary…
      I wrote you a long comment last week and for some reason it didn’t “stick”
      BUT–thank you for the encouragement that there are others out there…
      Carpet cleaners came yesterday and were able to get most of it out :)

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