Praying for Baby Oliver…



I asked my cousin Hannah if I could share this prayer request with you.
I know many of you have already been praying for this sweet little one.

Baby Oliver was born on Monday.  My cousin and her husband were told early on in the pregnancy that Oliver would need heart surgery within the first few weeks of his life.
And the surgery was scheduled for just a few days from now.

But some very specific tests yesterday convinced the doctors that Monday’s surgery would not be successful, so it has been cancelled.
Oliver’s doctors are working to get him on a heart transplant list and tomorrow a team of doctors will meet to discuss options.

From Hannah (Oliver’s mama):

Oliver had some tests done yesterday. They needed to take some very specific pictures of his heart to prepare for surgery on Monday… they talked to us before hand about what they were looking for and what they expected to find, including the best and worst case scenarios… it took much longer than we expected… and little Oliver ended up falling on the worst case scenario end of things.

The structure of his heart formed in a way that they don’t feel like surgery can be successful. They are having a conference with multiple experts to discuss Oliver’s case tomorrow… the only other option besides providing comfort care was trying to get on a transplant list for a new heart for him.

Our doctor’s have contacted Stanford and are trying to get that done. There are significant risks with any kind of transplant, but especially heart transplants and especially newborns. For one thing, it is extremely hard to come by a newborn donor heart. 

Please pray for Oliver… and for us- especially Cailan.
She has waited so long to be a big sister and has been so excited for him to finally be here.

We talked to her yesterday and after a very long cry, we went down to the PICU and she held him for a very long time and was so brave and so sweet.
My heart is breaking right now for both of my babies. I feel so helpless as a mother when all I want to do is protect them.

Fritz, Hannah, Cailan and Oliver

We are praying for wisdom for the doctors, for my cousin, her husband, their daughter Cailan (who has waited with such longing to have a sibling) and for little Oliver–

And we all would welcome your prayers for this precious baby and his family.




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  1. I’ve been awaiting your news and I will be praying.

  2. I’m praying for Baby Oliver. My youngest daughter is a heart transplant recipient and is doing very well. It’s almost time to celebrate her fourth “new strong heart” birthday.

  3. LeAnn Williams says:

    I am so sorry to hear such a story. I will pray for them. I have had some hard moments with some grandchildren one of which had a bad heart too.
    Blessings and prayers for them all.

    • Oh LeAnn…thanks for praying and I’m so sorry you’ve had to go through this with one of your own little ones…
      Watching his dad (Fritz) with him on Friday night just broke my heart…they love him so much.

  4. Sending up prayers even now for baby Oliver. I’ll be checking back for updates. Believing for good testimonies. Sending love and blessings of peace your way.
    Expecting a miracle,

    • Thank you so much Brittany…they fly out today…transferred by a special team down to Stanford where they will be waiting for a transplant…thanks for praying…and for caring about little Oliver and his family.

  5. He’s adorable. I’ll be praying for this sweet little guy and his family.

    • Thanks for caring so much Janean…our church family has shown such love. It has been a huge encouragement to me…
      Brings back memories of our Selah time and just how much love we were encircled with. This is what I’ve prayed for them too and it has been incredible to see how many are praying for this little guy and his family.

  6. What a beautiful baby (and big sister)!

    Father, what a wonderful baby You have made in baby Oliver! Thank You for blessing Fritz, Hannah, and Cailan with such a beautiful boy. Lord, You are The Great Master Physician…which is such a comfort because You know Oliver better than any of us could. You love him more than our human hearts are capable of…and it’s his heart that needs Your attention. Please, Father, lay Your healing hands upon his newborn frame. Guide the doctors to know the best course of action. Provide what Oliver needs most, Lord, for only You know… Be with the family, Father, as they love on Oliver and make all these painful decisions. and wait. Let them lean hard into You. Give them the kind of rest and peace only You can provide. To You be all glory and honor, Lord. Thank You for loving this family and seeing them through this. I know what You’re capable of, Lord, and I can’t wait to hear how Your hand works through Fritz, Hannah, Cailan, and Oliver!

  7. Sandra Guardado says:

    Sending prayers for baby Oliver — hoping for God to show the doctors that he can make best case scenarios out of worst case scenarios.

    • Love this prayer Sandra…thank you…that God will be honored through all this…that He will use the doctors and all the medical advances of this time we live in, to help little Oliver…thank you for praying

  8. I have no sufficient words. Praying for Fritz, Hannah, Cailan, Oliver, and your family. Love you, Kara.

  9. oh breaks my heart to hear your pain. Praying for him right now. (((HUGS))

  10. Thanks so much for all of the prayers for this sweet little guy. They are flying out today from Portland down to Stanford where a bed is waiting for them and they will be on the transplant waiting list. Long road ahead, but the doctors feel he is a very good candidate for a transfer.
    I got to see him on Friday night and he is absolutely precious…I know it means a lot to my cousin and my aunt especially to sense God’s family encircling in prayer…thank you all…

  11. slstepec says:

    I also have a baby Oliver (although he just turned two and is more of a toddler now) and I will remember to pray for your cousin when I call my son’s name!

    • Thank you so much…today was a really hard day for Oliver and his family…knowing that others are praying is HUGE. And also the hope of thinking that your sweet little guy just turned 2. Praise God…

  12. Mrs.Willie Mae says:

    Praying… How is Oliver doing?

    • Thank you so much for praying…he was doing really well, but had a sudden cardiac arrest on Friday morning and they weren’t able to revive him…
      My heart is breaking for my cousin…
      They are on their way home today.
      So hard to come home to an empty crib, closet full of sweet newborn baby clothes. Just really hard.
      But–in the midst of it all they are clinging to God.
      Thank you so much for continuing to pray…

  13. Joanna Economou says:

    Please accept all my sincere, deep from my heart prayers for your little boy…. I will be sending him all my positive thinking and wishes ….. KEEP CALM AND OLIVER WILL BE ALRIGHT SOON! Joanna – Greece

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