The news images flash–
Of smoke and explosions and sorrow-stained concrete,
Of children frantically clinging to parents,
And eyes scanning crowds for loved-ones-unaccounted-for.

A mama of five enters Heaven.
Her husband is left with raw pain and a house of little aching hearts.
Today, his first full day without the-woman-he-doesn’t-know-how-to-live-without.

This baby–
His mama prays for a new heart,
For a strong beat that will push life through his little body.
His daddy’s tears make trails as they drop, drop, drop,
Marking each precious moment of today.

There will be a time for–

Seeing the purpose.
And trying to understand the why.
For putting one foot in front of the other.
And for walking through the pain to a place where feeling awakens.

There is a day of hope and Heaven to find–
And God will light the way there.

Because only God can draw redemption
From such a deep pool of pain.

But today is a day for
Weeping with those who weep.
For sorrow.
For tears.
For heartache.

And God, who loves each one, can handle this pain.
He can handle the doubt and confusion and hurt and
He says: “Pour out your heart to me…” (Psalm 62).

And today.
That is enough.

Do not know


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  1. soulstops says:

    Amen. Thank you for expressing this…the importance of weeping with those who weep now. Praying with you.

    • When we were really hurting, God surrounded us with those willing to weep-with. Even though with those in Boston, it’s from a distance…so important to pause and pray and weep with those who faced are washed in tears tonight.

  2. So beautiful, Kara! I shared this on both of my FB pages. You so eloquently and so wisely offer compassionate encouragement to us to keep our hope and trust in Christ. Thank you for following the Spirit’s leading to write these beautiful words of hope and love!

  3. LeAnn Williams says:

    A powerful heartfelt post for a day of tragedy for many, and also the daily grief that is around us all. We are praying for those who are hurting and asking for peace, love, and comfort that our Savior can provide. Blessings for this one!

  4. Catherine Vaughn says:

    I love your heart. Beautiful post.

  5. Sarah Rahkola says:

    Oh Kara, how much you have to teach us about this! Will pray you through your own valley in the weeks ahead. Clinging to Isaiah 61 tonight. Thank you, friend.

  6. Oh Carissa…we were so thankful to see your FB note.
    Cavan was home sick from school, so he saw the news when I did and immediately we started praying for you and Lukas and your whole family.
    We will continue. We are thankful you are safe…but it had to still be really hard and scary, especially for Lukas. We will be praying that God can give you the words to answer his questions and for your trip home.

  7. So thankful you were able to be there with them…
    And for the way God used your willingness to even bless me, through your meal-planning-plan.
    Praying for you and the kiddos and your husband and you grieve a friend-so-loved.

  8. And that’s a huge thing…
    There’s so much hope with God (immeasurable) and we don’t grieve as those without hope…but culturally…I think we can be a bit quick to try to avoid the sorrow and we miss the “weep with” part. Really feeling for and praying for those who are hurting…is how in times like this we live out that John 13;35 “love for one another.” Thankful for you Amy. Love, K

  9. Anne-Marie Wachsmuth says:

    So good to be reminded to look to Him. Love this and love you!

  10. ((hugs))

  11. This is beautiful, Kara.

  12. Amanda says:

    This was lovely.

  13. Thanks, Kara. Beautifully written.

  14. So beautiful and full of truth!

  15. Yes and amen… we keep our eyes on Him. Beautiful post friend.

  16. Heather W says:

    Perfectly stated Kara. Amen

  17. Yes. Our eyes are on You, Lord. Thank you, Kara. Still reeling, praying, hurting for the hurting.

  18. beautiful post

  19. just now read this, Kara- eloquent!


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