Lest We Forget…

lest we forget chuppies


Today I’m over at The Better Mom sharing about one way that our family celebrates Memorial Day

“All I want to tell young people is that you’re not going to be anything in life unless you learn to commit to a goal. You have to reach deep within yourself to see if you are willing to make the sacrifices.”

― Louis ZamperiniDevil at My Heels: A Heroic Olympian’s Astonishing Story of Survival as a Japanese POW in World War II


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  1. LeAnn Williams says:

    I hopped over and read your thoughts. I loved your Memorial Day post and the pictures were lovely. My Grandfather died in France during the 1st World War and was buried for a short time in France and then is body was sent back to Utah. I grew up never knowing him; but I am very grateful for his sacrifice for our country.

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