Mom in the Mirror (guest post & giveaway by Emily Wierenga)

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Today I’d like to introduce you to my friend Emily and also to her recently published book– Mom in the Mirror.
She’s generously offered to give away a copy of her book to one of our readers.
Please leave a comment below to be entered in the drawing.

Why every mama should read this book…

This book is about learning to see yourself, and your children, through the eyes of God…as valuable and loved.
It’s about the way a warped view of self, and an idolatry of physical perfection, robs us of the joy and purpose and freedom that God wants for us.
It’s about moving away from horizontal comparison, to a place of contentment and gratitude.
It’s about the true definition of beauty and the legacy of mother-child relationship that we want to pass on to our daughters (and sons).

“This praying with eyes wide open; this being real and vulnerable and humble before your children, while reaching up towards heaven, is perhaps the most powerful lesson you can give your family. To teach them that you cannot do life without faith. That it takes faith to move mountains, and faith to make mothers.” ~Mom in the Mirror

Chapters 9 and 10 hit close to my heart–

Chapter 9: Like Mother, Like Daughter–Your Personal Legacy
Chapter 10: Being the Mirror–How to Inspire Beauty in Our Daughters

“It’s not about one mom standing in front of the mirror. It’s about thousands of moms. As women, we are all connected. Your life matters. Your value is worth more than you can imagine. And the lives you’re touching, more than you’ll ever know.” ~Mom in the Mirror


And now, from Emily…

Celebrating Our Bodies, as Women 
(and hard-cover giveaway of Mom in the Mirror)

By Emily Wierenga


I’m used to apologizing for them.

“I’m sorry about my wide Dow hips,” I say as my friend slides into the sled beside me, both of us with babies on our knees and toddlers between our legs, children left and right and me voicing contempt for the body that bore them.

And then I correct myself even as the snowmobile starts and we move down the track of snow. “I mean, I’m sorry about my beautiful birthing hips,” I say, and my friend laughs. Nods.

And it’s a start. I’m beginning to speak in love about myself. It’s not perfect, but I’m not either, and God is and he is making new everything about me, spirit and body, even as I get older. because I’ve invited him in. I’ve invited him into my heart, and into my eyes. I’ve invited him into my soul and into my mouth.

Because becoming a new creation is actually pretty literal. It doesn’t mean feeling new. No, it means becoming new. It means God taking our old natural instincts and replacing them. It means him breathing spirit and life into our vision and our speaking and our thinking.

I have a lot of days where I barely look in the mirror because I’m so busy looking into the faces of my children. I don’t have time to look at my reflection, and yet my children always think I’m beautiful. “Do you see the way Kasher looks at you?” Trent says. “With the utmost adoration.”

And my boys see me at my physical worst: at my sweats and bathrobe, messy hair and sleep-worn eyes worst. They smell my coffee breath and my unwashed body and they snuggle closer. They keep their hands on my shoulder even as they play because they don’t want to lose contact with me.

Our depth of relationships, with ourselves, with our children, and with our creator, define our beauty, because relationships are eternal. They give us meaning and value and worth. The world wants us to think that appearance defines beauty because it can profit from that philosophy. It can’t profit from something intangible, like love. Only we can.

So I’m trying to speak kindly about my beautiful Dow hips, to stop apologizing for my existence. Because this body gave birth to two boys, and it gives birth to marriage every day, and it bears spiritual life too.

I love my hips. I love my lips. I love my life. Not because of who I am but because of who lives in me. And He is beautiful.



I’m giving away a hard-cover copy of my new book today, Mom in the Mirror: Body Image, Beauty and Life After Pregnancy, co-authored by Dr. Dena Cabrera, and foreword by supermodel Emme.

Here’s an excerpt from the book:

Giving birth produces life in more than one sense. It’s the baby powder, milky-breathed spirit found in the softest limbs you’ve ever felt, and it’s the respect a man feels for his wife as he watches her give up her body for another.

And it’s the deep-rooted soul satisfying feeling of knowing you were born for more than the mirror. That you were born to see the face of God in your child, and to know, you yourself are a miracle.


I want you to have this book! Tell me ONE thing that you love about yourself, and you’ll be entered into the draw!

Otherwise, you can order it through the book’s website, here:


Emily Wierenga is a mom to two beautiful boys, wife to a handsome math teacher, and author of Chasing Silhouettes: How to Help a Loved One Battling an Eating Disorder ( and Mom in the Mirror: Body Image, Beauty and Life After Pregnancy ( To learn more, please visit


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  1. I love my legs. They aren’t skinny-skinny, but they are strong, muscled, runner girl legs.=)

  2. How lovely to find you and Emily in the same space, Kara! :) Beautiful! I love that God has given me the gift of knowing He is the only way, even when nothing makes sense.

  3. I love my hands……

  4. Amie Webster says:

    I love when the summer sunshine brings out my freckles ;)

  5. Jessica Fordice says:

    I love my stretch marks that remind me of 6 times blessed with precious babies. <3

  6. One thing I love about myself is my hair! I was blessed with thick hair that grows fairly fast, which I’ve been able to donate twice to “Locks of Love” so far. Also, my two daughters (2 and 4) have fun brushing my hair, and playing “salon” so we get to spend time together pretending!

  7. Elizabeth Sanchez says:

    I love that I’m travel-sized. Yes, I’m so short I sometimes lift my kids up so they can reach things on the top shelf at the grocery store, but it’s convenient in airplanes when I can sit cross-legged with a child comfortably on my lap :-) Also, I’m lower to the ground so it’s hard for my kids to knock me down when they run to hug me when I come home from work!

  8. I like my eyes. =)

  9. I would have to say my eyes also

  10. Melissa says:

    I have to admit that, after giving birth 4 times ( 3 years ago, 2 years ago, 1 year ago, and 2 months ago) and having a husband who (trying to be honest without getting too personal) struggles in some serious areas – though he is getting help -, I’m still trying to find something I like about myself as a wife, as a mother, as a person, physically, emotionally, etc.

  11. I love my muscular legs :)

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