A Study of Words (a Death & Life Reminder)

Study of Words


I am reading through James with our kiddos.  It has been just such a good reminder that our words have the power to usher in both– life and death.


Sharp venom pours out–
From those lips that should guard knowledge.

Witness of false discord–
Give me a mouth that utters truth.

In my many words, transgression–
I need restraining prudence.

Sly slander, revealing secrets–
I crave the understanding silence.

Take that gold ring, from the pig’s snout–
Gift me the gained discretion.

Wide open lips that come to ruin–
Preserve me with Your guarding.

Harsh words and anger kindled–
Make me a gentle tree of life.

Soul-snaring morsels, decaying the inner–
No– let me be the silent fool thought wise.

Quarrelsome whispers give coal to embers–
I want soothing words of grace.

Flattering lies, an open grave–
Better– faithfulness sharpened by iron.

“Did God really say?” That lie lives but a moment–
And Your Truth? Endures forever.

Rash words are like sword thrusts–
Give me the wisdom healing tongue.

Why does this fresh spring spew forth salty?
A fig tree bearing olives–
Both blessing and cursing…
From this same mouth.

Overflowing from a heart’s abundance–
Who can tame this restless evil?

Put a burning coal to these unclean lips.
And store up Your Word within me.

Sweet and faithful are Your words–
Let my mouth song please Your sight.

Put off.
Put on–
Those psalms of thankful wisdom.

Put off.
Put on–
The melody that gives grace.

My weakness; Your power perfected–
I plead– bear fruit through my repentance.

For I know that…

Death and Life–
Are in the power of the tongue.

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  1. LeAnn Williams says:

    This was a very interesting post. The scriptures can certainly open up our mind to many thoughts. Thanks for including the scriptures references.

  2. What a great study to do with your kids. Words are so powerful. Praying that mine are used for His glory and not to tear others down or lead them astray. Much love.

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