When You Forget That You Bought Praying Mantis Eggs…


This is what happens when you forget that you bought 2 praying mantis eggs and that each eggs contains 200 babies and that you meant to put them in a jar so that you would remember to watch them hatch so you could put them outside and not forget to make sure not to forget to not let them hatch inside









I just found one in my hair…


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  1. oh my goodness! Thanks for the laugh this afternoon. ;-)

  2. Tami Holm Kraske says:

    Is there a prize for the child who finds the most?

  3. Tricia Goyer says:

    Oh my!

  4. ;)

  5. Not so funny was it??!! It is kind of humorous from my side of the screen, though. I stopped over from The Better Mom to visit you again. I have been here on occasion before.

    • Thanks for stopping by Judith :)
      I had to laugh. Only because this kind of stuff happens to us WAY too often. Our non-breeding-madagassar-hissers (as I was assured by the breeder) have had hundreds of babies.

  6. Lisa Jacobson says:

    Oh, Kara! Can my boys come over?? They would LOVE your “little” problem. At least it wasn’t spiders…or baby mice…? (Trying to think positively here!). :)

    • I’m with ya…baby mice or spiders would’ve been MUCH worse.
      When Cavan was 3 he daily stockpiled worms in the back-seat-fabric-pocket of our mini van. We didn’t find them until the smell was unbearable. Finding dozens of worms in varying states of decomposition was… also… worse. :)
      I think our boys would definitely like each other!

  7. Oh no. I just could not. No. In your hair!??! *shudders* :/

  8. Carissa @ Sole Sisters Running says:

    It sure made for a funny blog post. Oh my! I’m so sorry. I bet Cavan is having fun with it.

  9. Jessica says:

    Oh no! Yikes! I get the willies just thinking about it….

  10. LeAnn Williams says:

    I loved the pictures of the praying Mantis and your garden looks awesome.

  11. mjbrunner says:

    I love this post for so many reasons…. :) You actually may have done a good thing by not putting them in the cage since they eat their siblings when they hatch. Yup. I know because it happened with us. Oh we had a lively discussion about survival of the fittest, but I really didn’t like being a part of that. ;) Loved this post.

  12. Mary Edwards says:

    I ordered several egg cases for my garden years ago. They told me to put them in a paper bag until it got warm enought to put them outside where hey would hatch. I figured they would stay in the bag if any hatched prematurely. It warmed up early that year and I came home to thousands of little eyes watching me one day. Eventually they all made it out to the garden, as I had bought them to fortify my population out there!!!

    • Oh Mary….just love that I’m not the only one :)

      • Mary Edwards says:

        They are pretty darn cute as bugs go! …the little ones all over the place were almost comical if I didn’t have the daunting task to “herd” them all out into the garden. Also cute the way they look so quizzically around when movement catches their attention. They were all over the curtain right in front of the sink at times, so while doing dishes they would be lined up watching, moving their tiny heads as if the were paying attention. I would have to stop and direct them outside. My sister was visiting at the time and we still have a laugh over it every once in a while…

  13. Eva Varga says:

    OM Goodness! That is so funny .. I’m sorry .. if they weren’t so cute, I would certainly have a different reaction. Love, love, love your science center by the way!! :)

  14. Made me laugh:) I could just see that happening to me. Gotta love homeschool!


  1. […] that she needs to be wiped and I’m wondering why she’s even out of bed. I can see two praying mantis babies climbing up the wall next to the window. The kitchen trash needs to be taken out, but I didn’t […]

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