I Don’t Think it Has Been 44 Years Though…

Hey There


I can’t remember the last time this much time has gone by since I’ve written.

First this post was titled–
“Where have I been?”

Then it was titled–
“I am still there.”

Finally I thought I would publish with–
“I miss you.”

And now I might actually hit enter and just start fresh with–
“Hey there!”

I know it hasn’t been 44 years though.

screen shot2


We were  knee deep in boxes and patching holes in walls and repainting and preparing for a surprise move this summer.



And there’s been stuff like camping-card-games.


And blueberry picking.


And long road trips to Idaho with theme park destinations.

idaho collage

And 4th of July parades.

And time with move-away-friends-so-missed.


And circular utility changes…where you can’t change your paypal until you change your credit card address, but you can’t change that until your husband is home to verbally verify the password he doesn’t know, which you can’t access because your phone number no longer matches the phone number they have on file.

And there were some kids gone to grandparents.
And I forgot what it was like to not run the dishwasher daily or have 4 loads of laundry piled up…
And it was a pre-moving-week gift.

But I need to be honest.
This was the first year I let them go for a few days with grandparents and didn’t cry on the way home.
In fact, I stopped at a rest stop and…
Because they had BIG FUN and we had some much needed time-together-sans-kiddos!

Trip to Bend

And now we’re finally into our new house … home.
Where we took our first after dinner walk and saw a bat, bunny, buck and skunk.

A whole post is needed to say thank you to all those who:
moved boxes, lysol-wiped bathrooms, brought food, broke down recycling, watched kiddos, and ferried loads to the dump.

I also can’t wait to share all of the unusual things I found after packing up cupboards and under-the-bed-boxes that haven’t been sorted through in ten years.

I never knew my husband collected his own teeth.
Or that at some point we’d been invited to the White House.

But– that will all have to wait for later.
Because we’re home and we’re thankful and I know where the oatmeal and bowls are, so there’s no excuse for another episode of Dora and passing out a juice-box-cheese-stick-granola-bar-breakfast.

Time to return to real life and routines.
Getting ready for school (not like it’s last minute or anything).
Finishing up Bible studies– for me and for the kiddos.
Prepping for the crazy race that I let Jason talk me into running next weekend.
Who signs themselves up for something like The Warrior Dash?
And getting the chickens moved over to the new house.

It was an incredible, wonderful, amazing summer…
But it feels good to be back and settling into our normal.

french cavan

How do you transport 4 chickens in a minivan anyway?

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  1. Elisa Pulliam says:

    Welcome back, Kara. So glad the move is done and you can start living up life again — although your pics show you never stopped enjoying every God-given day!

    • Thanks Elisa… wanting to make the rounds soon and see what everybody has been up to :)
      It was a wonderful summer… so many small (but BIG) gifts that were clearly from Him. I feel so, so thankful ! Have missed you all though… Love, K

  2. I was just thinking that I hadn’t seen a post from you come across my newsfeed in a while…glad you’re back!

  3. Christina@toshowthemjesus.com says:

    I wondered where you were:) Welcome back!

  4. So good to hear from you! I’d just been wondering if you’d settled in to your new place. Hopefully it won’t be another 44 years… :)

    • Thanks Lisa… we are loving it… so thankful !
      And…. now to get serious about school. I gave myself a week late start (some sort of just-moved-furlough-day :) ). Question (and if you don’t see this, I will msg you…but what, if anything do you use for daily school assignments for your kiddos? Some sort of chart/link/??? I’d like something that shows a week’s worth of work and I’m messing with different formats, but still haven’t found what I’m looking for…

  5. Deb Anderson Weaver says:

    44 years, huh? Sounds about like the way I’ve posted! ;)

    Happy settling into your home and into the routines of fall.

    Deb Weaver

  6. Rebekah O'Meara says:

    I was beginning to wonder… So good to hear from you. Your blog posts keep me grounded. It’s reassuring to know that the chaos of my life is normal. Yes, that’s a compliment. ;)

  7. LeAnn Williams says:

    Wow, you have had quite the summer. I do hope you get those chickens transported easily I enjoyed the pictures of the family. I can just imagine what it was alike to have your parents offer to take the children for a little while. sometimes, we just need a break.
    Blessings to you all in your new home!

  8. Sarah Spitz says:

    Thank you for the wise and kind words on your blog.

    I am considering becoming a Catholic and am grateful for any insights into Christian life and thought.

    Love from Europe,




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