What I Do and Don’t Feel Like Talking About…


Things I feel like talking about–

Princess Cousins…


William Wallace and Olaf…
(our new Bearded Dragon babies)


Fairytale Murder Mystery Parties
(Jason is Rumpelstiltskin and I’m an elf)

valentines party

Books I’m reading right now…
(The Singing God– by Sam Storms)

Singing God

(Girl at the End of the World– by Elizabeth Esther)
girl at the end
(Restless– by Jennie Allen)
People I’m praying for…
(my friend Michele’s new baby boys twins, born on Monday at 29 weeks)

dewall babies

How we still haven’t done our taxes yet…

IRS Lady

A fun Treasure Trading last week…

garage sale

Movies I want to see…
(I’ve been on a major dystopian literature kick since January)


The Psalms…
(what I’m reading and writing out right now)

“My soul thirsts for God,
for the living God…
By day the Lord commands His steadfast love,
and at night His song is with me…”
Psalm 42: 2 & 8

The writing conference I just went to…

writers conference

(Thanks to my parents, we are watching our way through the series right now)


Kids playing in the water & eat popsicles at the first sign of spring…


Our church…
(and how thankful I am for our church family)




And today I’m sharing over at The Better Mom about something I don’t feel like talking about…




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  1. LeAnn Williams says:

    I loved all the thoughts and pictures that you want to talk about. Very lovely thoughts. I did read the things you don’t like to talk about and I wish we didn’t have these sort of things that require us to talk about it.
    I have missed your posts.
    Blessings for this one!

  2. zombiekiller117 says:

    Ref: your comments on here


    “Having men and women congregate from different ethnic backgrounds is miles ahead of a church that has no ethnic diversity at all”

    In Japan ALL the Christians are Asian, nobody says Japanese churches are ‘miles behind’ because they haven’t had mass non-Asian immigration and ‘assimilation’

    In Malawi ALL the Christians are Black, nobody says Malawi churches are ‘miles behind’ because Malawi hasn’t had mass non-Black immigration and ‘assimilation’

    ONLY in White countries are we told we are ‘miles behind’ if everyone in church happens to be White.
    The attempt to destroy EVERY White country through 3rd World immigration and ‘assimilation’ is GENOCIDE.
    ‘anti-racist’ is a codeword for Anti-White

  3. Rebecca Erwin says:

    Love the thoughts in pictures. Such beautiful things.

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