Thank You for French Fry Dates (and Happy Father’s Day)

Happy Father's Day

I was going to wait until tomorrow to share this…
But–then no one else would have time to use these fun ideas with their kiddos!

My friend Lisa, has a GREAT pinterest board full of Father’s Day ideas if you happen to be running a little, um…
last minute.

Just wanted to share two of my favorites (both free):

“Father’s Day Book About Dad”– from The Measured Mom

“Father’s Day Printable Questionnaire”– from Meet the Dubiens

*If you have a “little someone” with a short attention span, I’d go with the printable questionnaire…

Happy Father’s Day Jason!!!
We LOVE you!!!


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  1. LeAnn Williams says:

    I am reading this a little late; but will bookmark some of the ideas for next year. I have been on a blog vacation and I am now back.
    Blessings and hugs!

  2. so cute! I like this idea. I had to laugh at My Dad loves me because I am his girl and cuz God told him to. Its funny yet amazing as we can see your child credits God most of all. :) So cute!


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    Thank You for French Fry Dates (and Happy Father’s Day)

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