When You Are Longing for Friendship…


Longing for Friendship

They are a blur of hot pink and sequins,
Releasing a high pitched shriek as they run to meet each other, as if yesterday was a decade ago.

Linked arms and happy smiles and matching BFF necklaces,
The two 6th grade girls wait in line for me to register them.

I have been helping at our church’s Middle School Camp each morning this week.

They head into the gym and then I notice the tiny girl in braids just a footstep behind them.

She whispers her last name…
And it comes out as almost a question.

I give her a name tag and direct her towards the entrance.
But I can’t help myself from following for a few steps,
And I pause to see what becomes of her in the buzzing chaos of flying volleyballs and cheering 6th-8th graders.

She folds herself into a corner,
Her grey jacket sleeves pulled down several inches below her fingers.
Though it’s supposed to be hot today,
I’m pretty sure she won’t be taking off that jacket any time soon.

And then something wonderful happens.

I see a young girl I know.
She’s a regular and her eyes carefully trace the outline of the gym.

They come to rest on the girl in the grey jacket.
The space between them closes quickly, an invitation to join is issued,
And within a few minutes my little friend with braids is sitting and smiling in a sea of bobbing middle schoolers.
Her jacket is tied around her waist.

I smile.

Oh how we all long for friendship.
And we may hide it better as adults, but God gives us a deep desire for connection,
For relationship.

Today I’m over at The Better Mom sharing about–
10 Ways to Grow a Friendship.

Would love to have you join me over there

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  1. Mandy Tirado says:

    This is so sweet! Yes, we do all long for friendship, don’t we?

    • Thank you Mandy…
      And yes… I daily am thankful for the way God uses friendships to remind me of His love and to me pull me closer to Him.
      Thanks for taking the time to leave a sweet note Mandy. :)
      Love, K

  2. Kara,

    I love your writing and your down to Earth nature. I now have a 14 year old girl who struggles with friendships. We are forever navigating through that sometimes very complicated part of life. A good friend is such an important thing. Fitting in and connecting can be a challenge. I too watch interactions and relationships at events. I prayerfully watch the quiet ones always feeling a sigh of relief when they find a friend in a group of strangers.

    Thank you for this thoughtful post. :-)



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