8 Prayers I Want to Pray for Our Children

8 Prayers

      So let me just be honest… It feels crazy to be saying our children are the ages they are. And this is a month of birthdays. And there’s something about having children-anything-teen that starts to make you feel old, but even more than that– It really starts to sink in that they [Read More…]

October 30, 2013


  Celebrating– Double-digits. And our first teenager. Returning from– A fun weekend in Seattle with family celebrating Grandma, Grandpa, Eliana, Cavan, and Laura birthdays–   swimming, airplane museum, movies, swimming, Rainforest café, and more swimming… Reading– Crazy Busy– Kevin DeYoung The Freedom of Self-Forgetfulness– Tim Keller The Golden Goblet– Eloise McGraw   Listening to– The Gettys [Read More…]

A Post Just For…

Cavan    Because I had to call you out from under this bush to take your photo… Because I never would have noticed the newt under the bush without you… Because you choose the unusual… …as you are also so unique. Because you help me see the things I often miss… …or don’t appreciate as [Read More…]

Summer Responsibility Charts

Our Summer Responsibility Charts are up and running! I know these could easily be created on the computer (well…easily…for some) but I’m still a paper and pen kinda girl. We try to evaluate each summer what responsibilities we’d like our older kiddos to take on.We try to be intentional. And so this is the plan [Read More…]

Catching Up On Fun !!!

Last Day of School !!! Time to catch up on all the fun these past few weeks… Nerf Gun Wars in the park with friends A trip to “Mr. Lou’s” Nature Center Learning about seeds… …and termites. And fertilizer.  The good stuff. Planting seeds…and now I need to actually plant ours. Lots of frogs and [Read More…]

This Made Me Smile…

“…and he shall write for himself in a book a copy of this law.” ~Deuteronomy 17:18 If you enjoy visiting with The Chuppies… Please consider voting for us! You can vote once every 24 hours… Thank you!!!

Checking for Quarters…and Staples

Our youngest ate a staple yesterday. It reminded me of words I jotted down years ago when our big kids were still little kids and our other little Littles hadn’t joined us yet. Because yesterday– Our youngest ate a staple. Thankfully–and I do mean that– Thankfully she managed to chew it hard enough that it was fully impaled [Read More…]

Dinner Conversations–for Mrs. L.

C:  My teacher gave me a chair next to my desk for Charlie.Me:  Charlie who?C:  My friend Charlie.Me: You don’t have a kid in your class named Charlie.C: Yeah…he’s my imaginary friend.(I love Cavan’s teacher) C: (after the whole class weighed themselves and measured their heights)…I asked Mrs. L. if she was going to weigh herself.Me: [Read More…]

A Little Dirt…Never Hurt…

“A Little Dirt Never Hurt” For Shirley…on her birthday…my canning-gardening-sewing-quilting-mom-in-law! We love you! Happy Birthday and Happy First Day of Spring! Thank you for raising Jason to be the man I love so much!

New Baby Stick Bugs…

Our stick bug saga has been ongoing.  We were down to 1 last year…And then found babies– which you can read about in last year’s post.  At first that was pretty exciting, but then we kept finding more and more and MORE babies….Until we hit our max at 187– We would count each week to [Read More…]

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