8 Prayers I Want to Pray for Our Children

8 Prayers

      So let me just be honest… It feels crazy to be saying our children are the ages they are. And this is a month of birthdays. And there’s something about having children-anything-teen that starts to make you feel old, but even more than that– It really starts to sink in that they [Read More…]

What I Do and Don’t Feel Like Talking About…


  Things I feel like talking about– Princess Cousins… William Wallace and Olaf… (our new Bearded Dragon babies) Fairytale Murder Mystery Parties (Jason is Rumpelstiltskin and I’m an elf) Books I’m reading right now… (The Singing God– by Sam Storms) (Girl at the End of the World– by Elizabeth Esther) (Restless– by Jennie Allen) People I’m [Read More…]

October 30, 2013


  Celebrating– Double-digits. And our first teenager. Returning from– A fun weekend in Seattle with family celebrating Grandma, Grandpa, Eliana, Cavan, and Laura birthdays–   swimming, airplane museum, movies, swimming, Rainforest café, and more swimming… Reading– Crazy Busy– Kevin DeYoung The Freedom of Self-Forgetfulness– Tim Keller The Golden Goblet– Eloise McGraw   Listening to– The Gettys [Read More…]

New Every Morning and Normal -er (and our curriculum for 2013-2014)

New Every Morning...

So. You didn’t hear from me last week because we started full-time-homeschool on Monday and it was the best week of my life. Actually– It wasn’t. (Thankfully this photo wasn’t really from this past week, but if you want the back story, you can find it => here.) The truth is, last week… I wasn’t [Read More…]

I Don’t Think it Has Been 44 Years Though…

Hey There

Really. I can’t remember the last time this much time has gone by since I’ve written. First this post was titled– “Where have I been?” Then it was titled– “I am still there.” Finally I thought I would publish with– “I miss you.” And now I might actually hit enter and just start fresh with– [Read More…]

Five Years Ago Today…


  This card came in the mail yesterday. From Selah’s doctor up at the Children’s Hospital. She remembers every year. Just one word– Selah, To pause and value. And I went walking with some friends this morning and one said– “It’s not that you miss the person less… It’s that around you, life fills (with [Read More…]

Lost My Voice

sick days2

Just stopping in for a quick hello… It’s a been a strange last 30 days. Since Valentine’s Day– One virus-bug-infection-something-yuck after another and a few weeks ago I completely lost my voice. And it felt like I lost my voice too. My writing voice. Just nothing. I’m the kind of person who would rather go [Read More…]

Where I’ve Been & Your Favorites for 2012 …

2012 Favorites

    “The secret to good writing, is good living in secret.” ~ Ann Voskamp I’ve been a little quiet over here the past few weeks, but it’s because life has been very, very full of a lot of– LIFE. I decided at the beginning of December that I needed a little Break. Rest. Pause. [Read More…]

From The Chuppies– Merry Christmas 2012

Merry Christmas 2012

Dear Everyone We Love, This is the letter that should have gone out with the Christmas card that you may have already received, may not receive if I didn’t update my address book correctly, or that you may receive twice if I didn’t remember to mark your name off our list the first time I [Read More…]

A Chuppdate Update #7, Thankfuls, Sharing at The Better Mom, and Christmas Treats for You

Chuppdate #7

Thanksgiving was thank-full. Just how I prayed it would be. We were with people we love and the time felt like an overflowing of God’s kindness. Yesterday I was sharing over at The Better Mom about my journey of “leaving Massah” to a heart of thankfulness. It would mean a lot to me  if you [Read More…]

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