10 Tips for Writing When You Don’t Want To (a guest post by Emily Wierenga)


  I’m so thankful and happy to welcome my friend Emily T. Wierenga to share today. We both write for The Better Mom website and our friendship over these past few years has been such an encouragement from God… From Emily– I pin the colored fabric as though savoring a mango, this slice of time [Read More...]

Glimpses of Grace (Review & Giveaway)

glimpses of grace2

  As I write this… I can hear something metal clanking against the sides of the dryer. Our three year old is calling from the bathroom that she needs to be wiped and I’m wondering why she’s even out of bed. I can see two praying mantis babies climbing up the wall next to the [Read More...]

Our Favorite Traditions (Rhythms of The Better Mom Writers)

RythmsCover (2)

Traditions are important to our family. “Celebrations are the ritualized interruptions in the continuum of daily life which remind us who we are, where we came from and where we are going.” -Milo Shannon-Thornberry God has used traditions and ceremonies and feasts and festivals all throughout history to help His people– Remember. “Pass on before [Read More...]

Who or What Will You Chase? (and a Q & A with Jennie Allen)


“Everyday we wake up and we chase something or we chase an invisible God.” – Jennie Allen, Chase I’m always a little scared to started reading something by Jennie Allen. Because it’s almost impossible to walk away– Unchanged. God has a way of using her words to clear through the haze and to help me [Read More...]

Connecting Church and Home

Church and Home

  I’ll never forget the church I considered my church when I was growing up. Fallbrook First Baptist Church, in Fallbrook, California… land of the avocado groves. We went to several churches over the first 18 years of my life, but it’s the one where my memories and faith were solidified. It’s the church where I [Read More...]

Stop Asking Jesus Into Your Heart

Stop Asking Jesus Pinterest Graphic 3

Yesterday we were in the bathroom and I was doing her hair. In puffs. For church.  She’s three. And we were in a hurry-late-hurry. And that’s always when big questions seem to surface. She asked: “Do you still love me even when I don’t obey?” (She’d just managed to spill a large glass of milk [Read More...]

Favorite Devotional Books for Children


  This is going to be short & sweet because I’m off to– JURY DUTY! First time in my life… And a big thank you to the six friends involved in watching kiddos, picking up, dropping off, homeschooling, nap-sitting, child feeding… Who are helping cover “normal life stuff” while I’m gone. On Monday I shared [Read More...]

Trusting Him With Your Everything…


  I’m rewriting this post. I wrote it several weeks ago when I joined MaryDeMuth’s blog tour  for her recently released book– Everything.  It has been a JOY to be part of the Everything Launch Team! Let me just start by saying– the book is incredible. Worth reading…and you know me…I don’t recommend anything unless it’s something I [Read More...]

The Tilt-A-Whirl


From N.D. Wilson’s Notes from the Tilt-A-Whirl… (as we’re off to the county fair today) “Denying God’s power might quiet the nerves of some, but I cannot begin to understand why. When the roller coaster inverts me, twists me, and sends me into a tight spiral,   I do not struggle philosophically or religiously with [Read More...]


I almost deleted the email. But then–the part about: “mom to four children, one recently adopted from Rwanda” caught my eye. Jennie Allen’s digital publicist asked me to consider reading and reviewing Jennie’s new book anything.  I’m hesitant when it comes to book reviews, because I already have a stack of books that I want to read [Read More...]

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