What I Do and Don’t Feel Like Talking About…


  Things I feel like talking about– Princess Cousins… William Wallace and Olaf… (our new Bearded Dragon babies) Fairytale Murder Mystery Parties (Jason is Rumpelstiltskin and I’m an elf) Books I’m reading right now… (The Singing God– by Sam Storms) (Girl at the End of the World– by Elizabeth Esther) (Restless– by Jennie Allen) People I’m [Read More…]

When You Forget That You Bought Praying Mantis Eggs…


And… This is what happens when you forget that you bought 2 praying mantis eggs and that each eggs contains 200 babies and that you meant to put them in a jar so that you would remember to watch them hatch so you could put them outside and not forget to make sure not to [Read More…]

A Chuppdate Update #7, Thankfuls, Sharing at The Better Mom, and Christmas Treats for You

Chuppdate #7

Thanksgiving was thank-full. Just how I prayed it would be. We were with people we love and the time felt like an overflowing of God’s kindness. Yesterday I was sharing over at The Better Mom about my journey of “leaving Massah” to a heart of thankfulness. It would mean a lot to me  if you [Read More…]

Passing On the Trait of “I Love Free Stuff”


  I was trying to take a quick “power nap” (gearing up for camping packing). But our son woke me up to help him– “Refill the staple gun…” Staple gun !?! And so I decided I should probably check what they were working on so diligently in their tree fort behind our fence. Apparently our [Read More…]

The Tilt-A-Whirl


From N.D. Wilson’s Notes from the Tilt-A-Whirl… (as we’re off to the county fair today) “Denying God’s power might quiet the nerves of some, but I cannot begin to understand why. When the roller coaster inverts me, twists me, and sends me into a tight spiral,   I do not struggle philosophically or religiously with [Read More…]

We Aren’t Doing Anything This Summer…


We were sitting in the barber’s shop. I heard the barber ask our youngest son: So, what have you done so far this summer? Our son: Done? The barber: Did you take any classes? Our son: Nope. The barber: Did you fly anywhere? Our son: Nuh-uh… The barber: Go to the zoo? Our son: Not [Read More…]

And…THIS is What I Worked on During Naptime.

We spent the morning at the park and Lydia almost fell asleep in the car on the way home… I was sure she was sound asleep in bed. But apparently she wasn’t. She found her sister’s stamp pads and managed to decorate every room upstairs in a matter of minutes. Side note–we don’t want her to [Read More…]

I’m Thankful the Redbox Was Broken…


Because– It meant we took a long bike ride. Me and our Little #3, Riding to the nearest other Redbox to turn in our movies. I gave him the choice… Of either walking back and driving… Or taking our bikes and– He chose his pedals. And I’m so glad. On the way there we heard a herd [Read More…]

Welcome Spring (Love, Oregon)

Dear Spring, Please come soon! Love, Oregon If you enjoyed visiting with The Chuppies… Please consider connecting with us through Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or by email. Thanks for stopping by!

Looking for the Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift?

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~As Valentine’s Day approaches, you may be looking for– the perfect Valentine’s gift… Just wanted to let you know that for a $10 donation, we also would be willing to name one of our Madagascar Hissers after your loved one. Fox News–Giant Cockroach Valentine

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