New Every Morning and Normal -er (and our curriculum for 2013-2014)

New Every Morning...

So. You didn’t hear from me last week because we started full-time-homeschool on Monday and it was the best week of my life. Actually– It wasn’t. (Thankfully this photo wasn’t really from this past week, but if you want the back story, you can find it => here.) The truth is, last week… I wasn’t [Read More…]

Helping Your Family Memorize God’s Word


  This summer may  be a bit different over here. I’m trying to spend as much time as I can… Living. Not online. I’ve been reading in three places the last week or so… Psalm 103–just because I need it. I really think it is my favorite Psalm.  I have it memorized.  But only if [Read More…]

Remembering Not to Forget…

Real Christmas Meaning

  Tonight, at dinner, Lydia asked to pray. She is three. This was her prayer: “Dear Jesus…I hope you enjoy your Christmas party.” Me too. But how easily I forget. How quickly I get sidetracked by the broken bulb on the light strand and the number of air mattresses we may or may not need. [Read More…]

Helpful Adoption Resources…

adoption resources

    “…God is graciously involved in our adoptions.  He has done it Himself.  He knows what it costs. And He stands ready to support us all the way to the end.”  ~John Piper   If you missed the first two posts of this series, you may want to go back and read about– our [Read More…]

Recounting the Past…(Sharing over at The Better Mom today)


Is that why the Israelites keep recounting their past– to trust God for their future? Remembering is an act of thanksgiving, this turn of the heart over time’s shoulder to see all the long way His arms have carried. ~Ann Voskamp Want to know one way that our family remembers? Please join me over at [Read More…]

Our Favorite Fall and Autumn Picture Books

Fall Picture Books

  It will soon be the first day of Autumn… And while I eagerly anticipate each and every season, Fall is probably my favorite. There’s just something about the changing leaves and pumpkin seeds and misty mornings and cider and apples and squirrels and… When our children were very little I started collecting seasonal books [Read More…]

Housewarming Party (with PRESENTS) !!!

Redeemed Letters

Well… Most of our blog boxes are unpacked and we’re finally feeling a little settled over here at the new URL, so we decided it was time for a fun– Housewarming Party !!! Please come on in, take a look around, and make yourself at home!  If this is your first time visiting, please take [Read More…]

Summer Responsibilities Charts (free printables)

 Our new laundry bin system… I’ll keep this short and sweet. We have one more official day of school left…And so I decided it was time to update last year’s– summer responsibility charts. Some may say that I’m a mean mom.As in– “School is out, now get to work !!!” Don’t worry, we’re going [Read More…]

Helping Your Child Become a Better Reader (Sharing Today over at The Better Mom)

I love watching our children read and enjoy books.I love reading books to them.I love reading books with them. Pretty much–I just really like books… And the doors of– wonder and opportunity and beauty and truththat they throw wide open for those who can read them. Please join me today over at The Better Mom, where I’m sharing [Read More…]

If You’re Thinking About Camping This Summer…(Free Printable Camping List)

Camping List

Every summer we enjoy at least one or two camping trips with a group of our friends…(a few photos from camping last year with a printable camping list) Kayaking out to a nearby island… I was so sad I forgot my own pink-camping-tutu… Let the bug hunting begin… Finding newts is always a highlight… Lydia discovered some new [Read More…]

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