Christmas Blessing Giveaway


Christmas brings back so many memories for me… But one that will always fill this week is the anticipation of our daughter Selah’s birth. Waiting. Anticipating. Praying. Thinking about adoption and the little baby girl who would join our family on December 12th. Preparing. Lydia, our youngest, who is four– Has been asking a lot [Read More...]

Mother’s Day Blessing (A Giveaway for You!)

Mother's Day

  Last week my brother and sister-in-law’s little ones stayed with us for five days. They are– just-turned-3 and barely-5. We love those kids and had tons of fun… But add that in with our own 3 year old and– I realized just how much I’d forgotten about what it was like to have three small [Read More...]

Connecting Church and Home

Church and Home

  I’ll never forget the church I considered my church when I was growing up. Fallbrook First Baptist Church, in Fallbrook, California… land of the avocado groves. We went to several churches over the first 18 years of my life, but it’s the one where my memories and faith were solidified. It’s the church where I [Read More...]

Stop Asking Jesus Into Your Heart

Stop Asking Jesus Pinterest Graphic 3

Yesterday we were in the bathroom and I was doing her hair. In puffs. For church.  She’s three. And we were in a hurry-late-hurry. And that’s always when big questions seem to surface. She asked: “Do you still love me even when I don’t obey?” (She’d just managed to spill a large glass of milk [Read More...]

Housewarming Party Winners and a Free Set of Nature Calendar Photos for Everyone Else…


I meant to post this much earlier today, but we were busy feeding llamas and stuff… So now it’s finally time to announce the winners of our Housewarming Party Giveaway!!! (I have contacted each winner by email, so please be on the look out for a message from me if you won.) And the winners are…(do [Read More...]

Housewarming Party (with PRESENTS) !!!

Redeemed Letters

Well… Most of our blog boxes are unpacked and we’re finally feeling a little settled over here at the new URL, so we decided it was time for a fun– Housewarming Party !!! Please come on in, take a look around, and make yourself at home!  If this is your first time visiting, please take [Read More...]

And The Winner Is…

Give Them Grace– by Elyse Fitzpatrick & Jessica Thompson And the winnerof last week’s give-a-way hosted by: The ChuppiesTrailing After GodJoy-filled Days IS… (I put all the names on slips of paper, with extras for extra entries and then let our daughter, Laura, choose one) IS…Cheryl at Finding the Beauty Please head on over toBecoming a [Read More...]

Thank You & Big Give-A-Way

Good morning friends! I am SO excited to share with you a 2 week give-away from 6 blogs: The Chuppies, Far Above Rubies, Becoming a Strong Woman of God, Trailing After God,  Home-Maker by Choice and Joy-Filled Days!We all wanted to THANK YOU for taking the time to vote for us in the Circle of Moms Contest. [Read More...]

Friday Freecycle Day #2

photo credit For the background to this post…please see Friday Freecycle Day #1 . Just a quick reminder of how this works: #1) Leave me a comment with which item or items you are interested in. #2) Check back on Sunday for an announcement of the “winners”. #3)  If you are a winner, email me [Read More...]

Friday FreeCycle Day #1: For My Husband

photo credit So…lately the posts have been a bit heavy.Today I’m starting an “I Love You Jason” project.My husband is Mennonite.In fact, I’m the first non-Mennonite that I know of to marry into his family.He’s a man of simplification.Keep it simple.Keep it organized.Keep it clean.Don’t keep more than you actually need and use.And he is [Read More...]

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