On My Corner of Bitter and Sweetness


I finished the book last night and fell asleep longing for them to make it into a movie– Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet. Also swirling was– How much and how quickly each child in this house is growing. My bitter and sweet. On Thursday I met for breakfast-tea-turned-almost-dinner with two special friends. [Read More...]

Mom in the Mirror (guest post & giveaway by Emily Wierenga)

MomMirror high res cover

Today I’d like to introduce you to my friend Emily and also to her recently published book– Mom in the Mirror. She’s generously offered to give away a copy of her book to one of our readers. Please leave a comment below to be entered in the drawing. Why every mama should read this book… [Read More...]

Our Favorite Traditions (Rhythms of The Better Mom Writers)

RythmsCover (2)

Traditions are important to our family. “Celebrations are the ritualized interruptions in the continuum of daily life which remind us who we are, where we came from and where we are going.” -Milo Shannon-Thornberry God has used traditions and ceremonies and feasts and festivals all throughout history to help His people– Remember. “Pass on before [Read More...]

10 Ways to Grow a Friendship (for Becky)


  Tears drip off my chin, landing on the key board. This post is for my friend Becky. Who is moving far away tomorrow. And she gave me this old man smoking a pipe for my birthday. Probably my favorite gift because it represents years of friendship. A record of– Birthdays and marriages. Babies and [Read More...]

7 Reasons I am Thankful for Media, Technology (and even smartphones)


So last week I shared… About why I returned my iPhone. But I felt that a follow-up-post was needed. Because there are many reasons I’m thankful for media and technology… (and even smartphones.) So here are 7 reasons I like technology, from someone-who-doesn’t-really-like-technology-all-that-much… 1. Because it helps me connect with people I love. Just a [Read More...]

He Used Them… (when I needed to breathe)


It happened again this morning. Last night was a rough night and I had incredible intentions of getting up before the kiddos and continuing on with my plan for spending time in God’s Word. But between midnight and 6 am, a certain-three-year-old-someone woke up three times calling for me. Bone-weary. Eyes swollen and puffy. Starting [Read More...]

Seven Reasons That We Love Adoption (and why I think about it every Day-Before-Thanksgiving)


Three years ago… Our adoption of Lydia was finalized on the day-before-Thanksgiving!!! And this post– Seven Reasons That We Love Adoption Will conclude our mini-adoption-series for November, National Adoption Month. If you missed the other posts in this series you can find them here: And Then He Told Me that I’m Adopted (our adoption stories) [Read More...]

Will You Give God Your– Reach?

Lydi Computer

  I initially thought I shouldn’t be writing this post. Because– I have a deep seated love-hate relationship with social media. And yes, I totally get the irony of making that statement in a blog post. But when Laura and Angi asked me to review their book about social media, I not only completely missed [Read More...]

Love Confirmed or (my take on Allume 2012)

Online Friends I Love

That’s what this weekend was to me– Love confirmed. In so many ways. Love binding up and bringing close. Redeeming. Giving. Receiving. Confirming. I went to Allume (a writing-blogging-conference) with my eyes scanning for these answers… #1) Is it worth it?  Does God want it? Is it real? — all the friendships and connections and [Read More...]

Trusting Him With Your Everything…


  I’m rewriting this post. I wrote it several weeks ago when I joined MaryDeMuth’s blog tour  for her recently released book– Everything.  It has been a JOY to be part of the Everything Launch Team! Let me just start by saying– the book is incredible. Worth reading…and you know me…I don’t recommend anything unless it’s something I [Read More...]

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