Talking With Your Children About the Persecution of Christians


Are you a World Christian? Are you praying for Christians in Iraq, Syria, and throughout the world who are facing persecution? A few years ago, I wrote an article about ways to help our children become “World Christians” because when our children were very young Noel Piper’s words impacted my heart: “A world Christian sees beyond his [Read More...]

How Would You Answer These 3 Important Questions?

three questions

  Matt. 16:15 Mark 8:29 Luke 9:20 John 14:6 John 14:10 James 2:19 John 6:35 John 8:28 John 8:58   What other places in God’s Word do you find the answers to these questions? What is the difference between question #2 and question #3 ?     Don’t want to miss new posts? Please connect [Read More...]

Do You Have a Passion Child? (Sharing over at The Better Mom today)

Compassion International

  I’ve shared before about how my husband and I are praying that God will grow our children into–  “World Christians”. And today I’m sharing over at The Better Mom about one way that God has blessed our family in this area. It would mean a lot if you stopped by to meet our “passion child”. [Read More...]

Praying to Grow a World Christian

missionary map

  After our second child was born, I read a tiny little brochure written by Noel Piper called, “Home Grown World Christians.”   It hit my heart and has had an ongoing impact on how we want to raise our children. In it Noel explains what a “World Christian” is: “A world Christian sees beyond [Read More...]

Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

So this one might turn out a little strange… But yes… I’m inviting you to be my neighbor. Because there are three (maybe four) houses that are going on the market (or that are already for sale) on our loop.  And a neighbor-friend and I were talking about how incredible it would be to fill [Read More...]

Our Passion Child

Last night…My husband and I were sitting on the couch talking.The kids were in bed. And then our youngest son came down and said: “I didn’t know you had a passion child…” Before I continue, let me just say–(lest some strange rumor go viral) There is no passion child.This is not my way of announcing some [Read More...]

Helping Your Children Connect With Missionaries

One way to help your children connect with missionaries around the world… 1. Find a large pin board or cork board. 2.  Cover or paint the board. 3.  Attach a large map of the world. 4.  Collect photos or prayer cards of the different missionaries that you support financially or want to pray for. 5.  Mark [Read More...]

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