When You Forget That You Bought Praying Mantis Eggs…


And… This is what happens when you forget that you bought 2 praying mantis eggs and that each eggs contains 200 babies and that you meant to put them in a jar so that you would remember to watch them hatch so you could put them outside and not forget to make sure not to [Read More…]

Housewarming Party Winners and a Free Set of Nature Calendar Photos for Everyone Else…


I meant to post this much earlier today, but we were busy feeding llamas and stuff… So now it’s finally time to announce the winners of our Housewarming Party Giveaway!!! (I have contacted each winner by email, so please be on the look out for a message from me if you won.) And the winners are…(do [Read More…]

Creating a Nature Table (with The Better Mom)


So… This post feels kind of like throwing a housewarming party for yourself while you’re still surrounded by unpacked boxes. Our migration to this new space is going well, but we’re still getting links to work, shifting things around and you will most definitely notice a few glitches. But– I didn’t want to miss the opportunity [Read More…]

If You’re Thinking About Camping This Summer…(Free Printable Camping List)

Camping List

Every summer we enjoy at least one or two camping trips with a group of our friends…(a few photos from camping last year with a printable camping list) Kayaking out to a nearby island… I was so sad I forgot my own pink-camping-tutu… Let the bug hunting begin… Finding newts is always a highlight… Lydia discovered some new [Read More…]


preparing my heart… Grant me more and more of the resurrection life: may it rule me, may I walk in its power, and be strengthened through its influence. ~The Valley of Vision

Bringing Nature Indoors (with nature table ideas)

Because… The heavens declare the glory of God; The skies proclaim the work of His hands… ~Psalm 19:1 And because… Our rock collection…  Our Jordan River Stones…  Mailed to us by my friend Anna-Marie… We’ve had this same plant for 16+ years and it has attached itself to the wall… My friend Cheryl introduced [Read More…]

Welcome Spring (Love, Oregon)

Dear Spring, Please come soon! Love, Oregon If you enjoyed visiting with The Chuppies… Please consider connecting with us through Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or by email. Thanks for stopping by!

This Place Looks Kinda Familiar and Hatching Chicken Eggs

Oh wait…Is this our blog?I thought it looked kind of familiar.Has is really been almost 2 weeks since I’ve written anything? Because I know it really has been almost 2 weeks of vomiting, high fevers, chest x-rays, pneumonia, meds, laundry piles, broken computers, lysol fumes and hatching chickens. But let’s talk about the hatching chickens.Because that’s the fun part. [Read More…]

Our First Attempt at a Nature Table…or Corner…or Center…or….

I love nature…The hiding rocks, scurry-bugs, and mossy sticks.The welcome flowers, promise-of-rivers, and winking stars.And I’m fully convinced that– God writes the gospel not in the Bible alone, but on trees and flowers and clouds and stars. ~Martin Luther I’m convinced that we should tell our children to– Go Out and Play !!! But for [Read More…]

A Post Just For…

Cavan    Because I had to call you out from under this bush to take your photo… Because I never would have noticed the newt under the bush without you… Because you choose the unusual… …as you are also so unique. Because you help me see the things I often miss… …or don’t appreciate as [Read More…]

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